• Integrative Treatment
  • More Than 20 Years of Experience
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  • Integrative Treatment

    Combining traditional & modern techniques

  • More Than 20 Years of Experience

    Helping patients live healthy, happy, pain free lives

  • Voted Chiropractor of The Year

    ACARC Chiropractor of the Year

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    Scar tissue (adhesions) may cause pain, weakness, and limitation in motion. Characteristics of scar formation in muscles, fascial tissue, and joints is that: It is weaker than normal surrounding tissue…

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    I’m a world-renowned Chiropractor, specializing in chronic musculoskeletal pain and sports injuries. I teach my patients about exercise, diet and injury prevention. I’m a specialist, an author, a patent holder,…

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    Claims of spot reduction fat loss are not supported by research. Body part-specific exercise like crunches and planks do not create preferential fat loss in one region of the body…

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    FACTS: 1) Metabolic Syndrome is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. 2) You need a doctor who can guide you through proper diet recommendations to induce…

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What our patients say

  • He does very thorough assessments and will continue learning what's going on with your body for several sessions. He uses cutting edge technology, which for me has been some machines that work deeply into the tight tissue, finally getting into the knots. He also gives great exercises to do at home. Other great things I've learned from talking with Dr Tucker: He's extremely knowledgeable, seems on top of anything new in the field (including by working with people in other fields to expand his knowledge), and teaches around the country.

    J.S., Pacific Palisades, CA

  • He is the most knowledgeable chiropractor I have ever been to. On top of that, he is just so sweet and uplifting. He used a combination of laser and other techniques and it made me feel so much better. Now I can walk pain free again.

    Jackie L., Malibu, CA

  • From the very first visit, I knew Dr. Tucker was someone I could trust and someone who cared a great deal about his patients.

    Steve B., Los Angeles, CA