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Diets That Promote Arthritis & Diets That Promote Healthy Joints

Diets high in processed foods, sweets, sugars,  baked breads, chips, cookies and pastries all promote inflammation which promotes arthritis. A menu too high in omega-6 fatty acids (soy, safflower, sunflower, corn oils), and  trans-fats (hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats) also promote inflammation. Furthermore, diets like the above tend to be too high in calories, upset blood sugar balance and lead to weight gain. Being overweight greatly increases the stress on the low back, hip and knee joints. 

Conversely, diets high in relatively unprocessed, low-temperature-cooked (even raw) foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (chia and flaxseed, walnuts, fatty fish, grass fed meats) and high antioxidant foods (fruits, vegetables, beans, herbs, spices and tea) are anti-inflammatory.

There are other nutrients that may promote joint health. Glucosamine and chondroitin are well-known. Gelatin, MSM (a naturally occurring sulfur compound in our diets), vitamin D, folic acid and B12 may play a role as well. 

My favorite medical food shake for joint inflammation is UltraInflamX 360 by Metagenics. 


Whey Protein Holds Fat-Fighting Potential

New research completed in Switzerland shows that whey protein supplementation may improve blood lipid profiles and reduce levels of liver fat by 20%.

The study, published in Clinical Nutrition, suggests that four weeks of supplementation with whey protein may significantly reduce the markers of fatty liver disease in obese women by reducing the amount of fat inside liver cells. The research found that whey protein improved key markers of blood lipid profiles—an important risk marker for heart disease.

I recommend UltraMeal Whey by Metagenics. This is a delicious , nutritionally fortified, powered meal replacement with 15 grams of purity certified whey protein.

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Clinical Nutrition Published online ahead of print.


Paleo diet + exercise = 20 lb lost in 16 weeks

 The first session I started my client on the Paleo diet. The second session I taught her a 30-minute workout program that she could do at home on her own two to three times per week. I didn’t give her any cardio. She began to see results in  lowered  blood pressure even without much attention to the diet. By the end of the first month she gradually began cleaning up the diet to a more Paleo program (grass fed meat, seeds, organic vegetables and fruits, low carb) and saw results in terms of more rapid weight loss, easing of GURD symptoms, and dropping sinus allergy meds.

She said to me that she felt like she was on the right track regarding her diet and exercise program. I  didn’t force her into everything at once, I let her go at her own pace. I monitored her lean fat mass and body fat composition and showed her the improvements. Then, after another few months I  introduced the concepts of intermittent fasting and fasting before morning workouts.  Her body responded and the fat loss got even more rapid. Her lousy sleep patterns were  also improving.

I did suggest some supplements. I recommeded the Metagenics Wellness Essentials for Women. Simple and reasonable. Take a packet in the morning and another in the night.  Because of her work schedule she rarely got outside to enjoy the sun. So, I suggested taking some additional vitamin D3 (2000 IU daily) and omega 3 fish oil (3-4 g total per day). 

As I recount the history and results of this successful patient, now more than 4 months later she has achieved her weight loss goal of 20 pounds.


IBS update

One out of five people has symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome. That’s really a lot of people with gut irritation. 

Long term relief has been shown with peppermint oil supplements. 

Enteric-coated peppermint oil capsules taken daily for one month helped nearly 80 percent of the subjects reported relief from severe abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and reduction of gas.

For centuries, healers have used peppermint oil to curb nausea, gas, and other digestive problems. Modern research shows that it kills bacteria and relaxes muscles in the digestive tract.

Peppermint oil may cause heartburn in some patients, but that’s usually not a problem with coated capsules.

Intesol from Metagenics provides comforting relief of GI disturbances. I recommend one softgel three times daily before meals.

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Brain Fitness

You already know I’m big on physical fitness but I also feel brain health deserves attention too.

Brain health and memory can be positively influenced by simple things we can do physically, mentally and nutritionally:

1. Stay physically active. Regular activity, not necessarily planned exercise, seems to relate to brain fitness. Activities like gardening, dancing and cleaning could increase chances of maintaining brain health.

2. Challenge your brain. Calculate, do word search games and crossword puzzles, and go to lectures, concerts and museums. Learn a foreign language or how to play a musical instrument.

3. Stay socially active. People who are active in clubs and social networks may hold up better cognitively than those who are less socially active.

4. Feed your brain. The brain and nervous system are comprised of 60 percent fat, so ensure your diet is rich in the Omega 3 essential fatty acids found in coldwater fish, fish oil and flax oil. 

 5. Lower brain calcium levels with supplements. Proper levels of calcium within the neurons are required for optimum brain function. As we reach middle age, brain calcium levels begin to rise because our bodies stop producing a protein responsible for regulating calcium concentration within the cells.

By increasing physical activity, proper nutrition, and lowering brain calcium levels, most adults will notice a definite improvement in alertness and cognitive ability within 90 days.

XYMOGEN & METAGENICS have specific formulas for improving brain function. 


Osteoporosis & Ostera

Osteoporosis is characterized by loss of bone mass and is associated with an increased risk of fracture after falls, particularly in the hip and mid-back. Osteoporotic women are often physically frail as well, leading to disability. Weight-bearing and resistive exercises have been shown to reduce the loss of bone (as measured by bone mineral density). Come in to the office and I can teach you the most specific exercises to perform that will help you prevent further osteoporosis.

A comprehensive supplement for osteoporosis is Ostera by Metagenics. Order @


GERD Question

I have pretty simple advice on GERD. 

  1. Go on a pure paleo diet for  7 days, no added fat, i.e., lean meats & veggies with a drizzle of olive oil (breakfast, lunch & dinner). We are going for no grains, low carb. 
  2. Absolutely NO coffee, tea, alcohol, or tobacco during that pure paleo week. Water only.
  3. Supplement with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), about a level teaspoon mixed in water after each meal if you get heartburn.

You will probably notice some big relief within that week. Continue with the Paleo diet and it is usually OK to add back some gren tea or coffee, You just have to experiment with what your tolerance levels are with coffee, tea and alcohol.

Other recommendations that have helped clients are betaine HCL, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. I use UltraFlora DF from Metagenics.


Protein from UltraMeal Shakes

The biggest barrier to increased protein consumption is that some people are just not big meat and protein eaters.  Once I know your lean body weight by performing the bdy composition analysis, I know how many grams of protein you’ll need in your daily diet. If you are not a big meat eater it makes it harder to get in the suggested quantities of protein to help with your weight loss, but I have a solution.  This is where proper nutritional supplementation is beneficial for weight loss.

UltraMeal is a high quality protein shake.  It helps you get the results we want – keeping on your lean muscle, losing fat, increasing your metabolism and therefore increased weight loss.  

UltraMeal  protein shakes are a medical food made with either soy or  whey protein. Whey protein consumed between meals may help you eat significantly less food than if you were to consume a casein protein shake or nothing at all.  

You don’t have to be a weightlifter to benefit from increased protein consumption.  

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Protein vs carbs vs fat calories

Your metabolic rate increases after every meal because of the “thermic effect” of eating and digesting food.  Your body burns a different amount of calories depending on the type of macronutrient you are eating.  For example your body doesn’t burn as many calories when digesting carbohydrates and fat as it does with protein.

Your body only burns about 4-7 calories for every 100 calories of carbohydrates or 100 calories of fat that you eat.  Though if you were to eat 100 calories of protein it would require your body to burn roughly 24-28 calories to digest that protein.

If you are looking at net calories your body is only netting about 70% of the protein calories that you consume and netting 93-96% of the carb or fat calories you consume.

Now you decide which food you want to put in your body for weight loss! This is why I like to recommend the UltraMeal shakes. They have protein and other nutrients to burn fat, not muscle. Order UltraMeal shakes at


UltraClear cleanse & health tips

You know I love to offer health tips, especially about  anti-aging, weight management, and exercise. 

The best anti-aging health tip to maintain the body’s fluidity and strength is using the foam roll, practice regular yoga and perform kettlebell & free weight workouts. I want your body to stay robust, your brain sharp, and your emotions full of joy.

As far as diet goes, so far this year I’ve seen lots of clients do the UltraClear cleanse. I’m asking clients to avoid junk foods and eat less carbs. I’m still telling clients to drink more than 6-8 glasses of water daily. You can drink limewater or lemonwater throughout the day.

Let me know if you want to do the 10 day UltraClear cleanse. Call the office at 310-473-2911