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What do I think of a high saturated-fat diet and high animal-food diet?

To clarify my current position on a high saturated-fat diet and high animal-food diet: I think  you can eat a very high animal-food and high saturated-fat diet safely, as long as you include some liver for vitamin A, and substantial  amounts of plant foods (preferably greens to prevent osteoporosis & cancer).  A diet high in saturated fatty acids ( SFA) will raise LDL, and will probably cause atherosclerosis, but the atherosclerosis doesn’t become disease unless it’s in the context of a pro-inflammatory diet, such as a high-carb diet. I want to be clear that I am suggesting a low carb diet (100-150 grams daily of carbs) with the high SFA diet.

I still recommend omega 3 fish oils to my clients on this diet. I use Metagenics EPA-DHA 720 and I use the UltraMeal Plus to manage the cholesterol. It’s a perfect combination to lower cholesterol and body fat.

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