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Tucker seminar schedule 2012 (revised)

Tucker Workshop Schedule 2012

Seattle Mar 3 Hip
NYCC Mar 17-18 T-sp
Carlsbad Mar 23-24 FMS
Las Vegas Mar 30-Apr 1
Seattle Apr 14 Knee/OA
San Diego Apr 20-22
San Diego ACCO Apr 27-29
Seattle May 12 Shoulder
NYCC May 19-20 Shoulder
Seattle Jun 9 Ankle/Foot
Univ of Pittsburgh Jun16 FMS (closed event)
NYCC Jun 23-24 Hip
Seattle Jul 14 TBA
Palmer Davenport Homecoming? I was asked to put in an ‘idea’.
Omaha Jul 28 Post surg/Chronic pain
Seattle Aug 4 Post sug/Chronic pain
NYCC Aug 18-19 Knee/OA
Seattle Sept 8 TBA
NYCC Oct 20 Post surg/Chronic pain