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How do I feel about antibacterial soaps?

The chemical additive commonly found in liquid antibacterial hand soaps, sanitizers, dishwashing detergents, shaving gels, toothpaste and even clothing and children’s toys is called Triclosan. It was originally designed as a surgical scrub for people in the medical field.

Recent studies seem to indicate it causes endocrine disruption in the body and leads to the emergence of drug-resistant “super” bacteria.

Triclosan is used because it is believed to be a powerful antibacterial,  antifungal, and a treatment for gingivitis in toothpaste. I’m not so sure it belongs in other product applications. Does Triclosan really work any better than plain soap and hot water? I’m just not convinced!

As Triclosan gets into our drinking water and in our bodies,  we should be able to know that this is safe and actually a good strategy. I just don’t see it as being safe and effective.

I have stopped using shampoo for the past year. The only time I shampoo my hair is when I get a haircut. Otherwise I thoughly rinse my hair everyday when I shower. I like the natural feel and I am eliminating that much more toxins from entering my body.