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Men, do you have too much estrogen?

Symptoms such as weight gain, gynecomastia (man boobs), anxiety, insomnia, gall bladder problems and prostate enlargement leading to urinary frequency are common symptoms of too much estrogen or estrogen dominance.
Urinary frequency is common in men over the age of 50. It often interupts a good nights sleep because you have to go to the bathroom. 
Andropause, commonly known as male menopause typically occurs in our fifties. This is when testosterone starts to decline. In addition to testosterone, the testes also make estradiol and progesterone. Andropause usually occurs more gradual than what women go through. As men age, their estrogen levels slowly increase while their levels of progesterone and testosterone decline. This creates the imbalance known as estrogen dominance.
Additional causes that contribute to estrogen dominance among men include insulin resistance, high trans fatty acid intake, chronic stress, xenoestrogens, smoking, testosterone deficiency, progesterone deficiency, magnesium deficiency and hypothyroidism.
What supplements can you take to maintain hormonal balance and an ideal quality of life?  
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