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Headache Update – which supplements to take

Often people who get headaches have habits that are causing the headaches, but have not made the connection between their lifestyle and their symptoms. One obvious thing that can be done is to quit eating refined sugar and to eat regular meals. Some people that suffer from migraine headaches have blood sugar level problems (reactive  hypoglycemia).  A diet free of sugar, and eating six small meals per day is one strategy to improves headaches. 
The kinds of fats in the diet can also play a role in headaches. Migraines may be linked to blood lipids, much the same way that cardiovascular disease is. Supplementation with fish oil reduced the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Indeed, many research articles have shown the value of omega-3 fatty acids for pain and inflammation. EPA-DHA 720  by Metagenicsis a very pure source of omega-3 fatty acids, free of dioxins and mercury.
B-vitamins may be of value for migraine patients in the same way that bringing blood sugar under control is helpful. Also, there is some research to show that a high dose of riboflavin can help migraine patients. Taking 400 mg/day of riboflavin helped subjects with migraine headaches. Compared to taking aspirin, they did no better than the group receiving ribof lavin alone. Riboflavin also reduced the frequency of headaches and use of medication. Metagenics has a great B-complex vitamin that has extra riboflavin in the more biologically available phosphorylated form.
Research has shown that patients with both migraine and tension headaches had lower salivary and serum magnesium levels than  age-matched controls. In addition, serum magnesium tended to be even lower during migraine attacks. Magnesium, may also help relieve symptoms like nausea and photophobia. (Look for 100 mg of magnesium per tablet).

Sugar Cravings

I think most people know that when they are eating a dessert  it  has sugar in it. It’s the indirect intake of sugar via processed food, fast food, certain sauces, bread,  pizza, alcohol and so on that sneaks up on us. If you are craving sugar especially for chocolate, sodas, candy bars, & baked sweets, then try eating a fatty dish. Something with good fat.   Try blending into a smoothie one egg, 4 oz heavy cream, and 2-3 tsp of FAGE Total (about  8 oz total). Add ice if you like. This just wipes out sugar cravings!

As to bars, there’s a couple of things you could check out.  One is the UltraMeal Bar by Metagenics. The other is Xymogen’s OrganiX Bars.  The idea is that cravings for various things (drugs, alcohol, sugar) can be seen as deficiencies of various hormones that can be helped by targeting specific amino acids and supplementing. Trying lots of protein, instead of sugar is another option.