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Sugar Cravings

I think most people know that when they are eating a dessert  it  has sugar in it. It’s the indirect intake of sugar via processed food, fast food, certain sauces, bread,  pizza, alcohol and so on that sneaks up on us. If you are craving sugar especially for chocolate, sodas, candy bars, & baked sweets, then try eating a fatty dish. Something with good fat.   Try blending into a smoothie one egg, 4 oz heavy cream, and 2-3 tsp of FAGE Total (about  8 oz total). Add ice if you like. This just wipes out sugar cravings!

As to bars, there’s a couple of things you could check out.  One is the UltraMeal Bar by Metagenics. The other is Xymogen’s OrganiX Bars.  The idea is that cravings for various things (drugs, alcohol, sugar) can be seen as deficiencies of various hormones that can be helped by targeting specific amino acids and supplementing. Trying lots of protein, instead of sugar is another option.