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Why Are You So Shocked About Sitting So Much – Get Off Your Ass!

Sitting for long periods during the day predisposes people to injuries like low back strains and neck strains. It also can adversely affect your sports performance. Let’s see, you get up in the morning and go sit down to eat, then you get in your car and drive to work where you sit in your chair most of the day. Need I go on… yes! Large chunks of your day are spent sitting hunched over a computer, or slumped on the sofa. Unless you move around enough, you will feel some or all of the following problems:

  • tight hip flexor, hamstring and calf muscles
  • tightness through the external hip rotator muscles, which can lead to restricted movement at the hip joint
  • reduced extension through the lower back, causing stiffness in the mid (thoracic) spine
  • tight and hunched shoulders with weak lower shoulder muscles
  • tight and weak muscles at the back of the shoulder
  • “poked chin” posture and muscle imbalances in the neck and upper shoulders

Prolonged sitting is linked to hamstring strains, lower back stiffness, nerve irritation, and headaches to name a few things.