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Exercise Rehabilitation Seminar Courses taught by Dr. Tucker

These can be several hours, up to one-day or two-day courses with practical hands-on training in corrective exercise/anti-aging/rehab care. These courses will lead towards eligibility to take the DACRB examination.

WHO: Doctors and students may qualify to become a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board (DACRB). Classes are open to DC’s, PT’s, AT’s & students (personal trainers need to speak to Dr. Tucker before enrolling)

Phone 1-310-339-0442


Hip – Application of diagnosis, assessment, and rehabilitation principles to common orthopedic conditions such as hamstring, groin sprains/strains, hip labral tears, and pubic symphysis conditions. Functional anatomy and management of hip pain. Open closed chain/functional movements, lower extremity functional-whole body exercises. Advanced issues in the objective measurement of soft tissue injury. Specific stability ball exercises.

Knee & OA – This course presents rehabilitation for the management of osteoarthritis and the knee. Assessment of the knee and specific corrective exercises will be taught. Rehabilitation for common sports and industrial injuries will be presented. The functional anatomy and management of lower extremity pain will be taught. Open closed chain/functional movement, lower extremity functional-whole body exercises.

Ankle-Feet, plyometrics & balance. This is an in-depth course in the evaluation of gait and functional anatomy of the foot and ankle. Functional management and exercises of common sports and industrial injuries of the lower extremity pain are taught. Beginner to intermediate issues in the principles and protocols in balance & stabilization training, ball, band /tubing, & bodyweight training as it relates to the lower extremities.

Shoulder – This course provides an in-depth analysis to the upper quarter and shoulder functional anatomy and movement assessments. This is a workshop for shoulder rehabilitation (application of rehabilitation principles to common orthopedic conditions) using low load exercises, bands, free weights and kettlebells. Course goal is proficiency in the management of shoulder and upper extremity pain. Specific band exercise training will be taught.

Chronic pain exercise therapy;  Chronic pain case management; Fibromyalgia Syndrome, and other difficult cases; Nutrition updates.

Post-surgical rehab protocols; Chronic Pain Management; Management of obesity; Nutrition updates; Board Review.

Key assessments & exercises taught in the Rehab Diplomate program.
Lumbopelvic Hip Complex Assessments, Rehab Exercises & Clinical Applications.
Cervical Spine Assessment, Rehab Exercises & Clinical Applications.
Thoracic Spine & Shoulder Assessments, Rehab Exercises & Clinical Applications.
Integration of functional movements and corrective exercises.
Key learning objectives: Create specific rehabilitation and/or exercise programs.

Students discounts available.

Questions? Contact ACA Rehab Council Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, Email: or Phone: (310) 339-0442

Advanced Notice Cancellations/Reschedules
Cancellations or reschedules received more than 10 working days before the class will be processed promptly. Any payments received are eligible for full refund upon cancellation. Cancellations received 10 or fewer working days before the class will not be refunded. However, clinicians are eligible to attend the same type of class at a later date at no additional charge. Clinicians who do not attend class and do not provide any advanced notice will be charged in full for all course-related class fees.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker reserves the right to cancel a training class due to insufficient enrollment, inclement weather, or other events beyond our control. In the unlikely event a class is cancelled, we will notify registrants as soon as possible. In those cases, you may choose to receive a full refund of your registration fees or receive credit toward another class. Travel arrangements and costs are the sole responsibility of the attendee. When booking travel, we suggest that you obtain refundable reservations. Dr. Tucker will not be responsible for any cancellation costs you incur, such as airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc.

Registration by Credit Card. Call August at 310-444-9393

Register by check. Payable to:
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker
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11620 Wilshire Blvd. #710
Los Angeles, CA 90025



Functional Assessments for the Chiropractor in Port Orange, FL & Davenport, Iowa 2016

Functional Movement Assessments for the Chiropractic Profession

What is accomplished in this course:

  1. Practitioners will learn how to perform an advanced assessment of patient’s static posture.
  2. Doctors will learn to confirm musculoskeletal imbalances with the most commonly used orthopedic tests and popular assessments taken from the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, FMS, Janda, McGill and others.
  3. Doctors will be able to demonstrate to the patient the need for and show improvements with Chiropractic care and/or specific corrective exercises to decrease pain, improve posture and fitness i.e. gather baseline information and learn specific flexibility and strengthening train­ing program which will enhance posture and fitness.

Posture evaluations and functional movement analysis become an objective measurement that can drive treatment decisions. Some of the most common reasons to perform movement assessment evaluations on every visit are:

  1. Functional assessments can reveal the need for specific muscle stretching.
  2. Functional assessments can reveal the need for specific muscle strengthening requirements.
  3. Functional assessments improve the patients understanding of the treatment provided, improve compliance, and guides the doctor with exercise recommendations.

You will gain skills that help to improve posture, decrease pain, improve muscle control, improve performance, provide injury prevention, increase protection and “bracing” for your back, provide a more stable center of gravity and a more stable platform for sports movements.

This course is my unique approach to sports medicine and corrective exercise therapy.

  • TO REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP IN PORT ORANGE, FL (10/22/16) or DAVENPORT, IOWA (9/24/16) call Palmer College (800) 722-2586



Dr. Tucker is teaching FMS in Carlsbad, CA

Seminar/Event: FMS Level 1 Certification – Carlsbad, CA (FMS Professional, Level 1) Date: 3/23/2012 – 3/24/2012 Location: Carlsbad, CA
Foundation Health and Performance
5670 El Camino Real Suite F. Carlsbad, CA 92008 Map
Phone: 760-602-0262
Meeting Cost: $ 450.00 Kit Cost: $ 0.00 Total: $ 450.00
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The Core Training System is the product of years of research and innovation.

This System develops exercise programs based on individual movement

patterns. It is equally effective in rehabilitation as well as conditioning because it

targets the weak link. The System is made up of:

? Functional Movement Screen

? Core Training

? Reactive Neuromuscular Training.

Specifically, the Functional Movement Screen is a grading system created to

assess and document functional movement patterns. By assessing these

patterns, functional limitations and asymmetries are readily identified. Basic

movement pattern limitations can reduce the effects of functional training and

distort proprioception. The goal of this workshop is to introduce you and your

staff to the benefits of utilizing this orthopedic screening process since functional

movement patterns are the base for Core Training. At the heart of the system are

the Functional Movement Screen score and the movement patterns, which are

directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically

sound movement patterns.

Core Training is a series of exercises involving the Core Board, medicine ball,

and tubing, targeted specific athletic movement patterns. Reactive

Neuromuscular Training is the scientific platform for the Core Board exercises

and medicine ball work that will be presented.


At the conclusion of the course participants will be able to:

1. Assess fundamental movement patterns and determine weaknesses

2. Understand Functional Movement Screen Scoring System and how it pertains

to movement dysfunction

3. Determine mobility and stability problems within general population groups

4. Prescribe corrective exercise techniques which are designed to improve

fundamental movement mechanics

5. Develop a greater appreciation of the importance of assessing and correcting

movement pattern dysfunction

Tentative Outline for Core Training Systems Workshop


Day 1*

8:00-8:30 Welcome/Introduction

8:30-9:30 Philosophy/Background of Functional Movement Screen

9:30-10:15 Scoring Criteria of Seven Tests

• Discussion of Each Tests

• Description of why each test is important

• Relating each test to scores

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-12:00 Scoring the Seven Tests

• Demonstration of Each Test

• Discussion of Equipment

• Description of Testing procedure

12:00-1:00 Break for Lunch

1:00-3:00 Lab- Scoring Check-Off/Analysis/Collecting Data

• Group Interaction with Everyone Performing Tests

• Groups Discussing Scores and Determining their Individual


3:00-4:30 Interpreting the Scores

• Linking Scores to Weak Links and Asymmetries

• Linking Scores to Exercise Progressions

Day 2

8:00-10:00 Exercise Philosophy and Case Studies

• Question and Answer Session

• Discussion of Exercise Progressions

• Linking FMS to Higher Level Exercise Progressions

10:00-12:00 Lab- Demonstration of Exercise Progressions

• Link FMS Scores of Each Test to Exercise Progressions

• Interaction of High Level Exercise Progressions

12:00-1:00 Case Studies/Question and Answer Session

• Problem Solving and Exercise Recommendations for Specific Scores

• Discussion of Exercise Progressions and Scores

• Describing Data Collection and On-going Research

Schedule subject to change


Tucker seminar schedule 2012 (revised)

Tucker Workshop Schedule 2012

Seattle Mar 3 Hip
NYCC Mar 17-18 T-sp
Carlsbad Mar 23-24 FMS
Las Vegas Mar 30-Apr 1
Seattle Apr 14 Knee/OA
San Diego Apr 20-22
San Diego ACCO Apr 27-29
Seattle May 12 Shoulder
NYCC May 19-20 Shoulder
Seattle Jun 9 Ankle/Foot
Univ of Pittsburgh Jun16 FMS (closed event)
NYCC Jun 23-24 Hip
Seattle Jul 14 TBA
Palmer Davenport Homecoming? I was asked to put in an ‘idea’.
Omaha Jul 28 Post surg/Chronic pain
Seattle Aug 4 Post sug/Chronic pain
NYCC Aug 18-19 Knee/OA
Seattle Sept 8 TBA
NYCC Oct 20 Post surg/Chronic pain


I’ll be teaching at this conference in San Diego April 20-22, 2012

ONE Concept is pleased to announce that for the first time, the American Massage Conference, American Chiropractic Conference and American Acupuncture Conference will be held in conjunction with one another at the Town and Country Resort & Conference Center in San Diego, April 20-22, 2012.

I am especially looking forward to this event.

Here’s a website for registration information.


Seminar dates & topics I am teaching in Omaha, NB 2011-2012

These are the course dates for Omaha, NB:
Jul 9             Tucker – Lsp
Aug 20-21   Petruska – Csp
Oct 15-16     Tucker – Tsp
Nov 19-20   Petruska – Spine #4
Dec no class
Jan 21 – 22  Petruska – Ankle, CTS, TMJ
Feb 25          Tucker – Hip
Mar 30 – Apr 1 ACRB Rehab Symposium Las Vegas
Apr 28          Tucker  – Shoulder
May 19-20   Petruska – Cardio, Knee
Jun 23-24    Petruska – Elective #1
Jul 28            Tucker – Nutrition, Post-surgical, Chronic Pain
Feel free to take any topic or join us for all of the classes. feel free to call me at 310-473-2911 with questions.
Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, personal trainers, AT’s are welcome.