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Seattle Diplomate Rehab Seminar Dates Taught by Dr. Tucker

Seattle Rehab dates :

Oct 1, 2011

 Nov 19


 Jan 7, 2012

 Feb 4

 Mar 3

 Apr 14

 May 12

 Jun 9

 Jul 14

 Aug 4

Sep 8


NW Sports Rehab
33400 13th Place S
Federal Way, WA  98003
(253) 838-6070

These are some of the topics we will cover over the year.

Human Movement System concepts; Core concepts & core training programs; foam roll training, weight loss.

Forward Head Posture; Movement Screens & corrective exercises; Muscle length testing; Kettlebell weight training.

Low Back conditions & rehab exercises; Flexibility training; Isolation exercises; Balance pads, balance boards, BOSU, slides.

Neck conditions, headaches & rehab protocols; TMJ treatment.

Thoracic spine conditions & rehab protocols; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; Band/tubing training (mini-bands, bands with handles); Low-load isolation exercises.

Shoulder conditions & rehab protocols; bodyweight exercises; stability ball exercises.

Hip conditions & rehab protocols; Free-weight training.

Knee conditions & rehab protocols; Group exercise training concepts.

Feet/ankles conditions & rehab protocols; medicine ball training; Plyometrics.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Cardio training concepts; Speed/agility; Post-surgical therapy.

Forms; Nutrition; Performance Enhancement.

Chronic pain treatment; Fibromyalgia Syndrome.