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Polymyalgia rheumatica

Conventional medical treatment for polymyalgia rheumatica is steroids (prendisone). It is considered an autoimmune dysfunction. Many of you know I feel autoimmune dysfunction is very frequently the result of dietary factors.
I believe that a more productive approach to this condition might  be a
10 day or 28 day elimination diet, this doesn’t mean fasting. I use anti-inflammatory foods and medical food shakes. 
Some people after the elimination diet chose to follw it up by adding one low glycemic vegetable each morning, on an empty stomach, to see if there is any reaction. If pain returns, I would suggest a period of at least three days without adding any new foods – longer if pain persists.

I have recommended the paleo diet to some clients with PR.

There are some Doctors that feel every autoimmune condition has turned out to have some version of a leaky gut/molecular mimicry connection. 
For any autoimmune condition:
Gluten-free alone is not enough.
Lowish carbs, which may increase TSH, but that doesn’t mean it’s
Carbs should be mostly glucose, not much fructose, so mostly roots, tubers,
vegetables, bulbs, but limit fruits.
Peel your vegetables whenever possible because most plant-protective
anti-nutrients are found in the peel.
Forbidden for life:
All cereal grains: Wheat (spelt, einkorn, durum, emmer, kamut), barley,
rye, triticale, oats, rice, corn, maize, wild rice, sorghum, millet, teff,
amaranth, buckwheat, fonio, breadnut, cockscomb, cattail, chia, wattleseed
(acacia), Goosefoots (quinoa, pitseed, kañiwa)
Dairy of any kind.
Nuts and seeds of any kind.
NSAIDs of any kind.
Nightshades (tomato, pepper, eggplant, potato).
Antacids that contain aluminum hydroxide.
Oral contraceptives.
Iodine (if you have Hashimoto’s).

I agree with all these items but I am not sure about eggs. Eggs are a paleo food but I know eggs are considered a highly allergic food. The problem with eggs is what the birds are fed.  If they are fed corn and soy (which almost all are) that could cause all sorts of reactions in people. Most chickens, even if labeled “free range” are fed corn and soy. 

Make sure the thyroid levels checked. Symptoms of all sorts of myalgias are frequently untreated or undertreated hypothyroidism.  Don’t fall prey to tyranny of TSH only test –  “normal” range is far too wide.  Symptomatic people with TSH of over 1.5 likely have a problem.  Free T3 and Free T4 levels as well as all antibodies should be checed as well.   A short trial course of natural thyroid such as Armour or Naturthroid etc  (not Synthroid or other T4 only synthetics) to see if symptoms  improve is far safer (and cheaper) than longterm prednisone.  Not convinced? Read
Broda Barnes’ MD’s classic book on this topic as well as Mark Starr MD’s
newer classic.  Barnes also advocated a low-carb (albeit not necessarily
paleo) diet for hypothyroid conditions.

I can think of one patient who had PR.  She started on the 10 day elimination diet and used the Opticleanse GHI shakes by Xymogen. After that she only ate  grass fed beef and lamb. She ate no pork, poultry or fish. She also only ate sweet potatoes, yams and squash. She ate NO fruit or ANYTHING else. She also sunned herself daily for 1/2 hour. In 2-3 months all the
symptoms went away.  It was a very restrictive diet, however, it worked.

Your choice, try prednisone or diet with XYMOGEN Opticleanse GHI!