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How back pain happens

A ‘bad back’ is one of the most common injuries worldwide. Most people believe that a strained back is caused by a sudden movement or trying to lift something that is too heavy. Most back pain happens over a continuum of time, not from one specific event. It’s from a chain of repetitive events that usualy involve repetitive flexion as in bending over, or poor posture as in slumping while sitting. This is how back injury happens:

Bad posture, overuse, and repetitive flexion cause the muscles in the back to gradually tighten up. Because they are contracted the muscles do not get enough blood through them, resulting in a lack of oxygen and weakness. So then when you lift a suitcase or bend over in the shower  early in the morning you tear a muscle in your back. But the suitcase or bending over isn’t what caused your injury. The cause is a gradual build up of tension over weeks and months.

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