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Low Back Pain Prognosis?

Regarding acute low-back pain (lasting less than 3 weeks) about 75% of individuals recover from acute low back pain within 3 weeks; about 90% of individuals recover from low back pain within 2 months.

Chronic low-back pain (symptoms lasting more than 7 weeks) is the number one cause of disability in the United States –the longer an individual suffers from CLBP, the worse the prognosis

Carpenter DM, Nelson BW (1999). Low back strengthening for the prevention and treatment of low back pain. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Jan; 31(1): 18-24 .

 One in five episodes (20%) of acute LBP do not resolve within this time frame and approximately one in ten will go on to long term disability. Following any episode of LBP, there is little reliable data on time scales for recovery (Gibbons 2002).