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What do I think of carbo loading?

When I was in chiropractic college the trend was ‘carbo loading’ before an important race or physical event. Now the days of restricting carbs then bingeing on pasta are over. I recommend a steady diet of  carbs the week prior to a big race event. Glycogen—what a carbohydrate turns into in the body—fuels your muscles. I still think protein is the most important cast of characters; I don’t let carbs take center stage. However, my usual recommendation of 100-150 grams of carbs daily becomes three to five grams of carbs per day for each pound of your body weight (about 500 grams for a 150-pound marathoner) during the week before the event. I’m not just talking about  pasta and rice. Check out my organic food list, and enjoy quality yogurt, fruit,  and even chocolate milk for great carb sources. My favorite recommendation is the UltraMeal shakes from Metagenics. These shakes are a balance of carbs & protein. UltraMeal has great flavors and tastes like a treat once you know how to make a delicious shake.