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Modern Day Paleo – use functional food

What is functional food? It is MACRONUTRIENTS (protein/carbs/fats). It is MICRO-NUTRIENTS (vitamins & minerals) that are researched, manufactured at a Pharmaceutical grade and are administered to the patient at a therapeutic level at the same time clients start the Paleo diet.
What ALL that means is:
The right type and amount of proteins/carbs/fats along with the proper supplements that your body needs to work properly.
It is “Bio-Available” which means that the Functional Food is readily absorbed and digested by your body. Your body doesn’t have to “work” to get the nutrients – it’s like “medicine” in the fact that it goes right into the system and gives the body what it needs.
When that happens – your body is finally getting what it needs to function properly -cravings go away!
You start feeling so much better and you naturally start making healthier food choices!
I use the line of Metagenics, Xymogen & Standard Process functional foods while my patients get acquinted with the Paleo diet.


Paleo Diet

As treating doctors, we need a strategy to deal with two of the major health problems of our time: obesity and diabetes. It will be critical for chiropractors to integrate their artistic dimension into the perspectives of food science, diet, nutrition, exercise, sustainability and philosophy.

It has always been my personal philosophy as a chiropractor to help patients connect or reconnect to a more natural mind set. We live in a culture that extols processed foods. From sunrise to sunset, we move at a fast pace eating “fast foods.” All we really need to do with any food plan is ask yourself, “How do you look, how do you feel, and how do you perform?” Our ancestors were lean and muscular and had to perform vigorous tasks to survive, therefore, I have turned to our ancestral eating style or Paleolithic diet (Paleo Diet) to help guide my patients out of being overweight, obese, pre-diabetic/Type 2 diabetic and to develop lean and muscular bodies.

Here is my weight loss program (you can call it an “anti-aging” program, “therapeutic lifestyle changes,” or whatever fits you).
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Weight loss, particularly around the belly…Reducing joint pain…

Most of us have been led to believe that lowering your blood sugar is the be-all, end-all solution to type 2 diabetes. But what if that is a mistake that misses the REAL underlying trigger of not just what causes type 2 diabetes, but all major age-related illnesses? Elevated blood sugar is just a SYMPTOM of underlying metabolic, physiologic, and biochemical processes that are out of balance.

Lowering blood sugar with medications does NOT address the underlying triggers that give rise to the high blood sugar in the first place. I work with clients to shift focus from trying to manage blood sugar with drugs, as millions unfortunately incorrectly do now, to fixing the underlying problems that CAUSE excessive levels of blood sugar.

I am very focused on weight loss, particularly around the belly…Reducing joint pain…Improved energy…More stable, enjoyable moods…Lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

I do this using the Paleo Diet and proper individualized exercise programs. Call me at 310-473-2911 for an appointment.


Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet doesn’t restrict carbohydrates, it promotes unlimited veggies and fruits. For some patients I do restrict the number of fruits. I recommend eggs, poultry, and meats. I allow sweet potato and yams. The monounsaturated fats are avocado, hazelnuts/fliberts, macadamia nuts, and olives. These are all great choices. A lot of my patients are switching to coconut oil/butter/flakes and milk for cooking and snacks. 

Research concludes that low carbohydrate diets in which fruits and vegetables are not restricted – like the Paleo Diet – result in lower all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality rates. I’m after making a difference in cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and other chronic illnesses which typically afflict my patient population.

Stick with a diet based upon seasonal unlimited veggies, lean meats and seafood.


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Weight loss – some of my tips

Each morning, think ahead to what food challenges you might encounter during the day. Then prepare in your mind how you can handle the situation.

I often get asked “Should I weight myself every day?” I say “No”. I go by the body composition analysis test I perform (body fat, lean muscle mass, water, etc) and I find clients more relaxed with weekly or every two week weight-ins.

Continuously remind yourself what the goal is. Every time you reach for something not on the program, you need to remember the goal and that makes it easier to stick with healthy food choices.

Intermittent fasting from the time you go to bed at night until mid-late morning is OK. I use to coach clients that as soon as they get out of bed they should eat some almonds. Now, I encourage morning exercise and if you can do it on an empty stomach, I’m fine with that. Taking a break from eating is important. The hormones that work to break down fat and glycogen (stored in sugar) need you to let them alone to do their job. 

Exercise is an essential element to getting and staying healthy. I will coach you and together we will figure out the best exercsie routine for you. I need you to exercise to ‘up’ your metabolism. 

It’s no secret that I am into the Paleo diet. This means you’ll be eating lots of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and fat. You get lots of plant foods too. Make sure that the fruits and veggies you include are diverse and are different colors (each color signals a different nutrient). You will not be  chowing down on grains, (bread, pasta, etc) and other refined carbohydrates.

I am serious about weight loss. Stay away from vending machines, snack rooms, and cakes to celebrate the  birthdays. I don’t want you being tempted to eat junk food or overeat. You tell me your goal and I will help you to change.





Very little of whatever we do today is like Paleo-man/women lived. We think we are crudely modeling  Paleo-man’s/women’s existence by eating, exercising and other habits. It is better than nothing at all. It’s about tweaking as much as you can from your own genetic makeup by synthesizing an environment for yourself that might, just maybe, fool your genes into keeping you around far longer than they give a damn about doing so (reproduction). While it’s [educated] guesswork, we have reason to believe we’re on the right track simply because of the body composition and health improvements of so many we’ve witnessed.

  1. Eat real food (meat, fowl, fish, natural fats from animals, coconuts & olives; veggies, fruits, & nuts – mac nuts, filberts, etc.) that you shop for and prepare yourself most of the time. Add a little dairy if you like it and can tolerate it. Find the range of balance that works best for you in terms of  fat, protein & carbohydrate ratios. I say ‘range’ because I think you ought to mix things up; seasonally, or whatever method works for you. Especially: cut out grains, sugar and vegetable oils. Consider supplementing with omega-3 fats.
  2. Allow yourself to go hungry every day, at least a little (first meal of the day is a good time — don’t eat until you’re truly hungry). Every once in a while, go hungry for a whole day. This is called intermittent fasting.
  3. Get plenty of sunlight; and supplement vitamin D.
  4. Run very fast sometimes, play hard when you can, and push and lift heavy things around when you have the urge. Do it briefly and intensely; not too often and not too long. Do this two to three times per week for 30 minutes. Always push yourself for that brief time. Do some other form of movement on your off intense days…take a walk, do yoga, swim, etc  
  5. Get lots of sleep. Very few clients are getting enough sleep. Fewer are having enough close sexual contact with there partner.



Paleo Diet!

A new Harvard study discussed at a recent American Heart Association (AHA) convention reviewed 20 studies and gave the AHA crowd these two key results:

1) High intake of processed meat that’s been cured and/or loaded with preservatives (hot dogs, lunch meat, bacon, sausage) increases risk of heart disease and diabetes.

2) Any level of intake of unprocessed red meat does NOT increase heart disease or diabetes risk. 

Go PALEO Diet!


Father’s Day Thoughts 2011 About Health

Staying healthy is a priority. Renewal of cells is more important then breaking down cells.

I am still not convinced that taking a medical pill is the right answer for many of our common health problems. I see too many clients getting better and decreasing medication with proper diet, nutrition and exercise. Give your body a chance and it will take care of itself. Just watch what happens when you break a bone. Once it’s put back into position, the bone will heal itself. And when it does, the brand-new bone is stronger than the bone it replaced.

Eat as much natural and organic foods as you can and avoid suger. With proper diet I see the body regenerate new cartilage if you have arthritis; restore clogged arteries; improve strength in your muscles and bonesbad skin improves; inflammation reduces.

Low back surgery is still not perfected and remains a last resort (even 30 years after I’ve seen doctors cutting into the spine).

Yoga and stretching are missing from many peoples programs.

Pilates is fun for many but not the best therapy for those with acute low back problems to start out with.

Kettlebells still rock! 

The anti-inflammatory diet allows the body to heal itself and should be the first line therapy for thoses with chronic conditions.

Take a medical food protein shake supplement every morning. I use UltraMeal by Metagenics or I use Xymogen shakes.

Your body can heal itself. Take antioxidants every day. People get cancer and other weird diseases when their immune systems weaken and they stop being able to overpower the cancer cells that have gone haywire. In all the years the medical industry has been fighting cancer, it has made very little progress. Yet natural therapies can and do work.

Laser therapy is an amazing treatment. It is natural. It is safe and it is based on science. Try it for pain and ask me if it can help your condition! 

Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes is fast becoming a national epidemic — a dangerous one, because it disables people and shortens their lives. If you are following the government’s recommended dietary plan, you probably feel good about your chances of avoiding diabetes. In fact, you are doing exactly what it takes to stimulate the disease. Diabetes is almost entirely preventable through diet and exercise! You can treat it without medication. I find the Paleo diet remarkable for this condition.

The Paleo Diet helps lower cholesterol.

In short, start to eliminate starchy foods; eat low-carb; drink a little red wine daily;  be uncensored in telling your family that you love them; have a great sex life – enjoy it frequently; exercise daily.




20 lbs weight loss plan

Can you give an exact menu for what I should eat on a high carb meal day?

Stick to the high protein days with one high carb day every 4th day.  

Try this: 1 can coconut milk, 1/4 cup granulated tapioca, 1 tbs honey, dash salt. Cook and stir occasionally until done, 12-15 minutes. Stir in a beaten egg in the last few minutes. Then slice up half a banana. Done. You’ll be full before eating it all. You could use berries just as well, or other fruit. This is probably a bit high in fat for a “textbook” carb load, but it works for most.

Griddle scones: 1/3 cup tapioca flour, 1/3 cup coconut flour, 1 egg, 1 tsp baking powder, spices or herbs to taste or chopped scallions, and a little olive oil. Use milk, kefir, coconut milk, or water to get a thickish consistency. Chicken broth would work too. Heat butter or lard in a skillet, spoon out scone-sized blobs, lower heat to med-low, put a lid on. Turn after a few minutes. Cook until done. This is an amount for one meal for most.

You may also have a serving of vegetables such as broccoli, or other vege on the list.  These simple meals taste sensational when eaten after 4 days of low-carb. A person could use rice, or rice flour. Rice is not paleo of course. But in the spirit the 80% rule, it would not be too bad once a week. 

I usually recommend eating 4 to 6 oz portions of meat (protein). Start the day with high-quality bacon or sausage, eggs, in addition to a serving of veg and 1/2 fruit. You don’t have to avoid fatty meats – enjoy them. Try to mix up types: pork, lamb, beef, bison, or poultry, seafood.

Use olive oil on salads. 

Continue to walk daily for the first 3 weeks. Get busy doing yard work and soon I want you to climb hills and ride a bike, then in another month I’ll teach  you how to lift weights. I can get you to lose about 20 lbs. in time for that reunion.