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Detox Diet’s

The detox diet I recommend isn’t about colonics and starving while fasting. My detox program can be as simple as removing processed foods and refined carbs from your diet. Simple carbs give you “fake energy,” and are calories that add fat. My detox strives to increase protein in your body so you feel less ups and downs in your workout and workday. 

Start by cutting out refined sugar: soda, alcohol, anything with high-fructose corn syrup. Next, chop out the “bad” fats, those of the trans like fried foods. I don’t mind saturated fats found in full-fat dairy and red meat. I just ask that you eat grass-fed beef and free range chicken (hormone free). You’ll need to drink more water. 

One of the key components to the program are protein shakes. I recommend the OptiCleanse powder by XYMOGEN or UltraMeal by Metagenics.

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OptiCleanse GHI

From a nutritional point of view, the gastrointestinal tract is considered one of the most important organs in the body. Maintaining a healthy digestive tract is paramount in achieving optimal health, as poor digestion can cause a multitude of seemingly unrelated problems. Nutritional health and gastrointestinal health are therefore closely correlated.
I often start my severe musculoskeletal cases and patients with multiple systemic complaints on OptiCleanse GHI. This functional food is a pea/rice protein blend that combines a number of nutritional components intended for optimal gastrointestinal, hepatic, & inflammatory disorders. OptiCleanse GHI includes Glutamine, Quercetin, Ellagic Acid, Watercress, NAC,Curcumin, Ginger, Biioflavinoids, Rutin, and more.
The use of nutrition & diets to my practice  has improved overall patient
effectiveness especially in normalizing gastric and intestinal functioning. 
OptiCleanse GHI is fortified with the amino acids, lysine & threonine, resulting in a complete, high quality, easily-digested, 26 gram portion of vegetable protein. It has marked antioxidant properties and has been shown to normalize intestinal function in those subjected to chemical or physical stress. 
Usually clients are on at least 2 shakes per day while enjoying other healthy foods. The OptiCleanse GHI program lasts about 28-30 days. Each container has 14 servings and costs about $4.00 per shake. 
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