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Sciatica/Piriformis syndrome

Sciatica is a symptom more than a condition, as it refers to pain which refers down the back of the legs, rather than to the cause of the pain. The cause of Sciatica can be from the lumbar spine, where a disc is irritated and is compressing the sciatic nerve, or this compression can occur at the point where the sciatic nerve passes under (or through in some cases) the piriformis muscles in the buttocks. In this case, the muscle is often overworked and in spasm, resulting in compression on the nerve. The causes of piriformis syndrome include leg length differences and muscle imbalances including tight groin muscles and weak hip abductors.

I am getting really impressive results with the warm laser, the Deep Muscle Stimulator, and neuromobilization techniques for sciatic complains. I usually know within a few sessions if I can help your condition.