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What I Do

Ninetynine percent of my new patients still come in to see me because they are in pain. But as I help guide them out of pain they soon realize that what I offer is not simply about pain relief and ‘adjusting’ bones. We discuss diet, nutrition, sleep habits, emotions, and exercise. All the therapeutic lifestyle enhancements are part of my practice. But the most rewarding part of my practice is teaching clients corrective exercises to help them bring there body back into a better postural alignment and helping people lose weight.

I believe everything is interconnected – the body, mind, spirit. It happens that my emphasis or specialty is on the body work. I use a lot of fascial release, deep soft tissue therapy, mobilization of joints, the Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) and warm laser as my primary modalities. But, nutrition can always be improved and I will talk to each client about this subject and I will make supplement recommendations if I feel that will help your case.