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Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Protect Against Hearing Loss

In that hearing loss is a widespread sensory condition that generally impacts with age, Paul Mitchell, from the University of Sydney (Australia), and colleagues analyzed data collected on 2,956 men and women enrolled in the Blue Mountains Hearing Study, surveying the subjects regarding their dietary intakes of fish.  The team found that two servings of fish weekly reduced hearing loss in subjects ages 50 years and older, compared with people who average less than one serving per week.  Writing that: “There was an inverse association between higher intakes of [omega-3 fatty acids] and regular weekly consumption of fish and hearing loss,” the researchers conclude that: “Dietary intervention with [omega-3 fatty acids] could prevent or delay the development of age-related hearing loss.”

Dr. Tucker recommends EPA-DHA 720 by Metagenics


Circuit training and body fat loss

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During the past 20 years, I’ve conducted thousands of body composition tests. Those clients that have the best weight loss results and the most consistent results are doing three things: 1) Eating lower carbs and increasing proteins 2) Added resistance exercises to their training programs to boost their muscle power 3) Use UltraMeal medical food shakes. 

As a rehab specialist I advocate kettlebell resistance training  to reduce the rate of injury recurrence; to fortify leg muscles and strengthen ‘weak links’ in the body, including the abdominals, low-back muscles, the gluteals, hamstrings and shin muscles. Resistance work also improves tendon and ligament strength and increases bone density, which decreases the risk of injury. In addition, resistance workouts:

  • Heighten body awareness
  • Upgrade coordination
  • Reduce body-fat levels
  • Improve self esteem

All of these contribute to improved weight loss outcomes.

For patients interested in losing weight, the ideal time to initiate a resistance training program is sooner than later.  I usually need 5-7 sessions over a three to six-week period to get clients to where they can perform kettlebell resistance training at home on there own. But first, I teach clients how to develop a good foundation of suppleness (mobility), then strength, and stamina (endurance).

I’m educating clients about food choices, checking there body fat, and training them to simultaneously lose fat, build strength and stamina.


October 15, 2010 Newsletter

The Interactive Healer 

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October 15, 2010 

In This Issue
Perfecting Push Ups
Protein Bars
How We Sabotage Weight Loss

List of Upcoming Seminars

Dear Dr. Jeff,
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

This month I taught a group of Physical therapists, Chiropractors, & personal trainers in San Jose, CA on the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS is seven tests that include a squat, hurdle step, lunge, shoulder mobility, active straight leg raise, push up & rotary stability test. The most recent research completed on the FMS was performed in Quantico, VA at the Marine Officer Candidate School. They screened over 900 Marines and followed them through basic training and found that the individuals who had a score > 14, were twice as likely to not graduate due to injury than those with higher scores. This goes right along with the previous research found in the NFL. Football players who scored less than 14 are more likely to be injured during the season. Are you at risk of injury from your workout? Come in for a Functional Movement Screen and find out!   

In this issue check out my favorite protein bars, and what I have to say about weight loss. 
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In my e-book Posture and Mobility: Nine Steps to Assessing and Improving Your Health, you are taken through self-assessment tests, and then guided through a progressive and safe exercise format to increase your strength, range of motion, power and endurance. If you have been searching for a way to increase physical health, this book will help you.


A recent comment was “Working through your e-book. My glute medius has never been stronger!”

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Perfecting Push Ups 

Proper ‘push ups’ seem to be difficult for many clients, especially females. What I typically see is poor form – people let the hips sag as they raise and lower the body.

Perfect Your Form
1. When you’re in a pushup position, your posture should look the same as it would if you were standing up straight and tall. Your hips shouldn’t sag or be hiked, and your upper back shouldn’t be rounded.

2. Before you start, contract and stiffen your core the way you would if you had to zip up a really tight jacket or pair of jeans. Hold it that way for the duration of your set. This helps your body remain rigid-with perfect posture-as you perform the exercise.

3. It helps to push your hands through the floor and then lift up. This little technique helps you generate more power with every repetition.

Protein Bar Review
The UltraMeal Bar is like the UltraMeal medical food powder. These bars can be a meal replacement or a great snack. They help with weight loss and they support the management of conditions associated with metabolic syndrome such as obesity, insulin resistance, and altered body composition. I think they are delicious (that’s why I am writing about them), low glycemic, and contain heart healthy isoflavones, prebiotic fiber and inulin. Flavors include Apple Cinnamon, Lemon Zinger, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Rasberry and my favorite Chocolate Fudge. Order UltraMeal Bars

ProteinFusion Bar is ideal for those who are trying to increase protein intake and limit their consumption of high glucose (sugar) producing carbs. These bars contain 20 grams of protein and only 3 grams of glucose impact carbs. They have 1 gram of sugar and 8 grams of fiber. Flavors include Double Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Peanut Butter Crunch.Order ProteinFusion Bar

ImmunoBar are my favorite tasting bar. It’s chocolate flavored and has 15 grams of high quality protein. Importantly, it has serum-derived immunoblobulins that support immunity against a broad range of pathogens such as E. Coli, H. pylori, and crytosporidiaand retrovirus.  Order ImmunoBars by calling XYMOGEN @ 1-800-647-6100 PIN # TUC500.


Common things we do to sabotage a weight loss program 

Your Significant Other

Every now and then I blame Maddy for buying “those cookies” (my favorite desert). Usually I’ll say something like this to myself, “I’ll just have one and that’s it”. Then one turns into five and it’s “her fault for buying the cookies” in the first place! Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that men and women usually gain 6 to 8 pounds in the first 2 years of marriage. All these years later, and for those of you that know Maddy (an awesome cook & all about  food), I’m doing pretty good. YOU have to take control of this situation. One of the best ways is to never lose that feeling of trying to please and impress your partner. If you showed up with a decent body when you met your partner – keep it that way! It is your choice – nice abs or a gut! Ask yourself, “Why am I eating?” Nervous? Bored? Habit? Ask your partner to stop bringing those binge foods into the house.


If one of you binges snacking on chocolate, ice-cream, or whatever, adopt a simple policy, “They can have it, but I won’t.”


Don’t ever stop your exercise routine, especially weight lifting. If you get into a time crunch, just do 10 minutes a day of exercise, but be intense about it. 


Our Own Kids


When you have kids it’s easy to shop for fast foods and junk food. How can you help from not eating some of it? One of my kids would always order french fries and who do you think would finish them. My daughter likes frozen yogurt so that became one of our outings together. One of my sons likes cookies too – I  guess I’m lucky my Happy Meal days are over. If I knew back then what I now know I never would have started with that one.

The kids are so active that a sugary snack will burn off of them quickly, but with us adults – think fat deposit! I’ve learned to choose better snacks – usually a protein. Lately I’m loving celery with salsa.


Not Getting Enough Deep Sleep


It’s simple – non-REM sleep inhibits production of growth hormone, which might lead to premature middle-age symptoms – abdominal obesity, reduced muscle mass and strength, and diminished exercise capacity. Be an adult and figure out your sleep.

Snack Ideas: Protein energy bar, or single-serving bags of almonds or cashews. Cool down with Italian ice (120 calories per cup) instead of ice cream (290 calories per cup).

Bonus: Order Metagenics UltraMeal Bars

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Please stay committed to your health, fitness and nutrition efforts.
Warm regards,

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

FirstLine Therapy

Do you want lots of energy and mental clarity? Would you like to reduce your risk of chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol?  Then Dr. Tucker’s FirstLine Therapy program is for you.  A therapeutic lifestyle is the most powerful tool there is to positively impact your health for a lifetime.  
Call today to schedule your FirstLine Therapy Consultation:  310-473-2911

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How do I help clients put on lean muscle while losing fat at the same time?

Q: How do I help clients put on lean muscle while losing fat at the same time?
A: I use UltraMeal by Metagenics as a nutritional breakfast and a snack  protein shake, and I teach my clients how to work out efficiently. My system is based on individual body composition analysis. I use the bioelectrical impedance analysis.

It’s not really dieting – I help clients pick the right food choices and plan positive calorie balance. This helps build  muscle and burn fat. The net result over time is better body composition –  we can measure the results of increased muscle and less fat.

Sometimes I use other supplements  in the program to optimize hormones which improve “fat loss”. The UltraMeal seems to help direct nutrients into muscle cells and pull fat out of fat cells.

Women particularly like this program because the program avoids the classical muscle gain program problem: gaining fat along with the muscle, also known as “bulking up.”  I want to see increased tone along with a lean look. I help you develop lean muscle, not bulk. The look I’m after is not that of a typical bodybuilder. I prefer a slim look.

Using UltraMeal is NATURAL.

The holidays are not that far away and I know people will start thinking about the way they want to look in the New Year. I want you to look good all year round (no “fat season” where you need two sets of clothes); you feel good standing naked in front of the mirror, and you fit in to your favorite pair of jeans.

Q: Does this program require a lot of time in the gym?
A: I give each person a personalised program. I train you knowing your specific requirements so the program fits into your schedule. The workout portion is an intense workout for some, and less intense for others. Your workout schedule could be as much as 6 days a week for up to an hour per session or 4 days a day for 30 minutes, or just 10-15 minutes per day.

I know the tricks for abbreviating workouts so you can get the most out of your time.

I change workout programs every 6-8 weeks. I know the intensity increases & decreases with each workout, depending on your energy levels…this is natural. As long as you train hard a couple days a week, and you are consistent, then you can get amazing results from just 3 -4 brief weight workouts a week.

If you are already lean and want to go all the way to ‘ripped’ then you need more advanced plans. Then I like to teach clients kettlebell training if they are not already doing this.

Between the UltraMeal, the food plan, and my training workouts, this is the most comprehensive fat loss nutrition program that I’ve developed over the last 10 years. 

I can help you:
1) gain muscle while losing fat at the same time
2) gain muscle without gaining fat

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Detox Diet’s

The detox diet I recommend isn’t about colonics and starving while fasting. My detox program can be as simple as removing processed foods and refined carbs from your diet. Simple carbs give you “fake energy,” and are calories that add fat. My detox strives to increase protein in your body so you feel less ups and downs in your workout and workday. 

Start by cutting out refined sugar: soda, alcohol, anything with high-fructose corn syrup. Next, chop out the “bad” fats, those of the trans like fried foods. I don’t mind saturated fats found in full-fat dairy and red meat. I just ask that you eat grass-fed beef and free range chicken (hormone free). You’ll need to drink more water. 

One of the key components to the program are protein shakes. I recommend the OptiCleanse powder by XYMOGEN or UltraMeal by Metagenics.

Order Metagenics @


Lose 5-10 pounds in 2-3 weeks

Shed 5-10 lbs in your first 2-3 weeks.

1. Don’t eat anything that is white. Think about most foods that are white and chances are you shouldn’t be eating it. Specifically, white bread, pasta, sugar, white rice, and most milk products. Healthy foods like cauliflower, chicken, turkey, fish are all exceptions to this rule.

2. Only drink water, NOTHING else! How about coffee? One to two cups of organic black coffee is ok. Can you add half and half?…Well is it white?

3. Avoid, restrict, eliminate wheat! What if it’s whole wheat? Duh!!!

I highly recommend you do the above with UltraMeal medical food. Take 2 scoops and add it to water. The flavors are delicious and this product is what I use with all of my clients that want weight loss.   Order @


Supplements used to lower cholesterol

I’ve been upset about cholesterol lowering drugs for years. I want what’s best  for you. My practice and the techniques I use are based on enhancing the nervous system through more natural alternative therapies. Cholesterol is integral to your cell membranes and is critical for nerve function. Every nerve in the body is covered in fat (cholesterol). Sixty percent of the brain is composed of fat (cholesterol). And cholesterol is vital for the production of sex hormones. Lowering cholesterol levels too much can have a very dangerous effect on brain and nerve function. From everything I read I believe that a healthy cholesterol level is less than 200 mg/dl and greater than 110 mg/dl. Some studies even suggest a cholesterol of 230 mg/dl is healthy. Strive for LDL less than 100 mg/dl; HDL for males – greater than 50 mg/dl, HDL for females greater than 60 mg/dl. I am now actually  seeing patients on cholesterol lowering drugs with levels too low. Cholesterol is so important that your body does not rely on food sources alone.

How can you lower cholesterol without the use of statin drugs? These are the most consistent recommendations I have made that get results:
Most people are familiar with  garlic as a cholesterol lowering substance. Allicin, the main biologically active ingredient in garlic, along with its associated chemical constituents, have been shown to lower total cholesterol. If you use a supplement, take 600 to 1200 mg a day divided into 2 or 3 doses.

UltraMeal Plus contains phytosterols – plant extracts that are sterols. These are types of compounds that bind to the bad fat when we eat, and take it out of body. They greatly reduce the production and absorption of bad cholesterol. UltraMeal Plus can be ordered from Metagenics.

Another one of my favorites is niacin, also known as vitamin B3. It has a tremendous efficacy. Niacin can raise HDL – the “good” cholesterol – by 15 to 35 percent, making it the most effective drug available for raising HDL cholesterol. In larger doses, niacin can reverse atherosclerosis by also lowering LDL and triglyceride levels. 

Another substance that lowers cholesterol is red yeast rice. But it is not one of my favorites because it is really no different than taking Mevacor (a statin drug), and like other statins, it will interfere with CoEnzymeQ10. So, if you are taking a statin drug, I believe it’s absolutely mandatory that you supplement with CoQ10. This compound supports cardiac function and statin drugs block its production. Take 100-200 mg a day.

After several years of educating patients on the paleo diet and seeing the results on lab tests and body composition tests – I still highly recommend the paleo diet – low carb, minimizing  fruits to a max of two per day, mostly sticking to only berries in small amounts, multiple servings of non starchy veggies, especially dark leafy greens, eating lots of protein from fish, meat, eggs, and chicken. I especially recommend wild salmon 2-3 times per week, grass fed meat only, a variety of nuts & seeds especially macadamia nuts, walnuts & almonds for snacks.  I even want you to eat healthy fats:  avocado, coconut butter, use coconut oil for sauteeing, or extra virgin olive oil.  I would avoid dairy as much as possible. 
In addition I recommend omega 3 fish oils (EPA-DHA 720) daily, liquid CoQ10 (NanoCell Q10), and UltraMeal Plus medical food shakes (

Be sure your diet is high in fiber. Eating eight to 10 grams of soluble fiber a day lowers LDL cholesterol by about 5%. Oatmeal is a good source of soluble fiber. Also, soluble fiber supplements are available now (Metagenics has a good brand). Soluble fiber can also be taken as a weight loss aid. People who take a serving of soluble fiber in 8 oz of a calorie-free liquid 30 minutes or so before every meal tend to eat less. They lose weight without changing anything else.2-3

Of course exercise has so many benefits — maintaining function, controlling weight, lowering blood pressure, fighting depression, etc. — if exercise were a drug, it would be a blockbuster. Most people look for a pill instead of making healthy choices and taking action. Don’t be like them. Exercise is the best way to raise your HDL (the “good” cholesterol).

I have patients that are decreasing there overall cholesterol by double digit points in one month by including UltraMeal Plus medical food shakes. UltraMeal Plus contains plant sterols which have benefits in lowering cholesterol. I recommend using UltraMeal Plus as an adjunct to Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC).  If TLC is not enough, then resort to formulas such as Cholarest SC and LipotainInsinase alleviates the underlying inflammation that interrupts the signal from the insulin receptor to the glucose transport vesicles to allow glucose into cells.


Cut Alzheimer’s Risk by 394 Percent

Anybody who has experienced Alzheimer’s will know the helplessness that comes with this devastating disease. Anybody who has seen it in a friend or family member will know the pain that comes from seeing your loved one deteriorate.

Over 4,000 scientists attended a recent International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease. One study conducted by the Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, England reports that vitamin D may be your best defense against Alzheimer’s.  The study says that vitamin D deficiency raises your risk of mental decline by up to 394 percent. 

Study results showed that the risk of cognitive impairment was 42 percent higher in people deficient in vitamin D. Impairment was 394 percent higher in those who were severely deficient in it.

“The odds of cognitive impairment increase as vitamin D levels go down,” says study author David Llewellyn. “Given that both vitamin D deficiency and dementia are common throughout the world, this is a major public health concern.”

The Peninsula Medical School also worked on an earlier related study. It too offered evidence supporting this simple truth: seniors who get their daily dose of “sunshine” maintain stronger cognitive functioning.

Sunshine is an important source of vitamin D. UVB rays initiate the production of the vitamin in human skin. Vitamin D also helps maintain strong bones (through the absorption of calcium and phosphorus) and a healthy immune system.

According to study author Dr. Iain Lang, the results indicate that individuals with the lowest levels of Vitamin D were 50 percent more likely to suffer impaired mental faculties. In other words, as vitamin D levels in seniors decreases, mental impairment increases.

“Getting enough vitamin D can be a real problem,” said Dr. Lang. “Particularly for older people, who absorb less vitamin D from sunlight. One way to address this might be to provide older adults with vitamin D supplements.”

Older people lose their capacity to absorb Vitamin D from sunlight as the body ages. That means they must seek other sources of the “sunshine vitamin.” 

Vitamin D can also be found in foods such as oily fish and eggs. These foods are key sources of vitamin B12, which studies have shown to also help in protecting the brain.

Supplement Your Vitamin D with Metagenics Iso D3 


Cinnamon improves blood sugar, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels

The natural ingredient cinnamon extract can help prevent type 2 diabetes: In one particular  research study, more than 20 subjects with metabolic syndrome (a key risk factor for developing diabetes) were given a cinnamon extract or placebo for 12 weeks. Those in the cinnamon group ended up with significantly lower levels of fasting blood sugar compared to placebo. 

Subjects in the cinnamon group also increased lean muscle mass, while losing body fat and lowering blood pressure. 

Researchers found that one gram of cinnamon extract is the amount required, taken for 40 days, to  improve blood sugar, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels. 

Endefen (1 1/2 scoops)  by Metagenics has cinnamon, Plantain fruit, green tea extract and other ingredients that provide the benefits I mention in this post. Endefen also supports the integrity of the gastric lining, promotes healthy gut flora, and GI immune system function. Order Endefen @