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Weight Loss

I am a hands-on Doctor, teacher, and a writer. I am certified as a weight loss consultant, personal trainer (exercise specialist) & known for helping people with chronic pain.

I have experience on how to help you lose more weight than other people. It’s not a secret …

I know lots of people who go to Whole Foods, Costco, & Trader Joe’s that buy protein powder as part of a cleanse or there diet.  They don’t work as well as the one I recommend. The medical food protein powder I use has proven in clinical studies to make people lose more body fat weight than people who did NOT take this product. I know mine costs a little more but it’s reported in numerous professional journals to be better.

This means you lose fat pounds … but other people (on the exact same calories and
exercise as you) don’t lose nearly as many fat pounds (I don’t want you to lose precious lean  muscle).  My weight loss programs are drug-free and side-effect free.

This medical food powder I recommend is called UltraMeal and you can get the full details on how to order by clinking on the METAGENICS link on my home page.  




Daily Ginger Consumption Found To Ease Muscle Pain

For centuries, ginger root has been used as a folk remedy for a variety of ailments such as colds and upset stomachs. But now, researchers at the University of Georgia have found that daily ginger consumption also reduces muscle pain caused by exercise.

Ginger has been shown to exert anti-inflammatory effects and decrease pain. Cooking with ginger is one way to increase your intake. Another way to benefit from the pain-relieving effects is to make a shake with UltraInflamX 360.

UltraInflamX® Plus 360° is a medical food made by Metagenics formulated to provide specialized nutritional support—including reduced iso-alpha acids (RIAA, from hops), L-glutamine, and easily digestible rice protein. UltraInflamX includes ginger and rosemary. It also provides turmeric extract, which has been shown in research to inhibit the activities of a wide variety of enzymes, cytokines, eicosanoids, and reactive species implicated in pain and inflammation.

Another recommendation to help decrease pain is to increase EPA-DHA consumption (Omega 3 fish oils). I recommend EPA-DHA 720 by Metagneics.


Metabolic Syndrome: Do You Have It?

3 out of 5 of the following is a YES!

1. Elevated waist circumference:
Men – Equal to or greater than 40 inches
Women – Equal to or greater than 35 inches
2. Elevated triglycerides:
Equal to or greater than 150 mg/dl
3. Reduced HDL (“good”) cholesterol:
Men – Less than 40 mg/dl
Women – Less than 50 mg/dl
4. Elevated blood pressure:
Equal to or greater than 130/85 mm Hg
5. Elevated fasting glucose:
Equal to or greater than 100 mg/dl

Start with I5 shakes every morning to lose weight, improve body composition, increase energy, improve lipid panel and drop blood pressure.

You can order I5 shakes by calling the company direct in FL. The company is called Xymogen 800-647-6100. Use my pin # TUC 500 so you can order. It’s a medical food and they won’t just let anyone order without a medical Rx.