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Karel Lewit, MD, said…

“The first treatment is to teach the patient to avoid what harms him.”

When you come in to see me I will perform an evaluation. My job is to help you manage your painful episode, but to also target & contain the risk factors. The number one risk factor for musculoskeletal injury is a previous injury. That means if you have had one painful low back episode you are more likely to have a second episode. My job is to help you lower that risk. The way I help my clients is by teaching them corrective exercises.

Even very small structural changes, if they occur over time, alter the muscles and joints ability to perform properly. Corrective exercise focuses on fixing the cause of pain, instead of just addressing symptoms, it works where many other remedies fall short.

Weakness and tightness are often attacked with isolated and focused strengthening and stretching protocols that don’t work. The majority of musculoskeletal pain syndromes, both acute and chronic, are the result of cumulative microtrauma from stress induced by repeated movements in a specific direction or from sustained misalignments. We need to teach the body how to develop proper movement so you can get out of pain.