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Testosterone & Male Menopause

Men also experience a change of life coincident with an age-related decline in testosterone, the hormone that plays a key role in everything from puberty to maintaining muscle strength and bone mass to sex drive.

It  begins in their late 30s or early 40s, with a gradual drop in testosterone of about 1 to 2 percent a year. Eventually a deficit of testosterone occurs and symptoms may arise. Symptoms include depression, irritability, low energy, decreased muscle mass, weight gain, sexual dysfunction and even the occasional hot flash or night sweats.

Low testosterone levels are linked to low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, and a poor morning erection, and if these three symptoms are present, get your testosterone checked. 


“Lack of energy and motivation, poor memory, weight gain, and muscle weakness are reasons to get checked” says Dr. Jeffrey Tucker “Do you have lower energy? Are you not sleeping as well? Is your libido down? Are your erections not as good as they used to be?” GET CHECKED! 

I think testosterone supplementation in aging men is probably safe in the long run. I have had patients use topical creams, injectable and implanted testosterone, and supplements that stimulate the body’s production of testosterone. My first line therapy is to recommend each man take the ‘Wellness Essentials for Men’ vitamin packets from Metagenics. You can order these from from site.