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New (Thera) Band on the Block

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker on the new Thera-band CLX:

“I like CLX bridging for the glut muscles, at least 3-5 times a week. If you have back pain, sit-ups are taken out of the program and I teach patients exercises that do a better job of ab work anyway, like planks or core engagement leg raises with the CLX. These get the job done!

With CLX, patients gain decrease pain, increase flexibility and gain strength. They understand that it requires lots of reps and volume. In my class we do bouts of 30-60 seconds. Athletes understand they need volume if they want to build endurance. My patients in pain understand movements with CLX improves recovery ability.  A little soreness and stiffness after the first CLX workout is normal. That’s normal in any new training – it eases in a few days and then you are ready for more reps and sets.

I highly recommend you add CLX to your regular training. Try it as part of your correctives or dynamic warm up. Start with your bird dogs, squats, pushups, and knee raises.”


Theraband Stretch Strap

I use the Stretch Strap to improve joint mobility, muscular flexibility and fascial, vascular and neurological extensibility.

 It’s important to check functional movement patterns then, target the tight and short muscles as opposed to long and tight muscles. One of the goals of treatment is to reprogram range of motion around the joints and help accomplish effective movement patterns.

 Proper muscle inhibition and muscle lengthening sets the foundation for skillful movements. Patients are willing to spend more time on stretching maneuvers when they use the Stretch Strap. This improves flexibility and has a strong effect on restoration of function and on relief of pain. We must remove as much of the limited mobility as possible. Then relearn the levels of stability.

The Stretch Strap is a powerful, fun, tool that helps my clients improve posture, flexibility, body awareness, coordination, and balance.