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Cruciferous leafy greens

A new study, conducted by Dr. Gabrielle Belz from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia, looks at how consuming leafy greens could boost gut immunity by activating a immune gene known as T-bet. This T-bet gene then turns on vitally important immune cells known as innate lymphoid cells or ILCs, which protect the body from infection by monitoring the “bad” or pathogenic bacteria found in our gut.

This ultimately results in maintaining the “balance between tolerance, immunity and inflammation by producing a hormone called interleukin-22 (IL-22), which can protect the body from invading bacteria.”

The study states that ILCs are essential for immune surveillance of the digestive system. Cruciferous leafy greens boost the ILCs in the gut could play an important role in immune health.

Nature Immunology