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Gluten-free diets

I do have a Gluten free food plan that I can give you on your next office visit.

Studies suggest that less than one percent of the population suffers a severe immune reaction from gluten, and up to eight percent have mild-to-moderate insensitivity to it. I notice that when clients choose to go gluten-free, they often lose weight and feel better, even complicated cases seem to resolve.  

some clients notice that living gluten-free has improved there overall health and given them more energy. If you notice that you don’t feel well the morning after having a beer or a plate of pasta, then you may be gluten sensitive. The term lately is gluten intolerance. There are lots of cookbooks and restaurants that offer gluten- and dairy-free recipes. My wife’s restaurants called Maria’s Italian Kitchen now offers gluten free dishes.

I am certain going gluten-free will improve your overall health.

Gluten is a glue-like composite found naturally in grains like wheat, rye and barley. It is what gives breads their fluffy texture, and is often used in other food preparations to make food thicker or more chewy.