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Tips to protect and preserve your body

These are common things I hear myself say to patients to protect and preserve their body. 

Eyesight: Eat Mangoes & Kiwi. Mangoes are loaded with beta-carotene and vitamins C and E, three antioxidants that protect your eyes from vision-altering free-radical damage. Avoid age-related macular degeneration by taking lots of antioxidants. Kiwi has lots of potassium. 

Prevent Colon Cancer: Eat Brazil nuts. They’re the top food source of selenium, a mineral that one study showed may reduce the risk of colon cancer by as much as 60 percent. Target amount is 200 micrograms of selenium.

Prevent Ulcers: Eat lots of broccoli. In a study sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, sulforaphane—a phytochemical in the sprouts—killed off any H. pylori. Broccoli sprouts are best.

Avoid  Strokes:  Vitamin C — minimizes artery damage from free radicals, reduces blood pressure, and helps control cholesterol.

Prevent Prostate problems: Eat Blueberries they are at the top of the fruit list with the most antioxidants. Plums have phytochemicals that inhibit prostate-tumor cell growth in the laboratory by 80 percent—20 percent more than blueberries do. 

Heart Attack: Black or Green tea – drinking one or more cups of black tea daily was associated with a 45 percent decrease in heart attacks. The flavonoids in the tea may reduce the buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries.

Losing Weight:  Two scoops of  UltraMeal powder mixed with water or juice as a breakfast shake has been the best product I’ve seen to help my clients lose weight. Each shake 15 grams of protein, which helps suppress appetite and may boost the activity of leptin, a hormone that plays a key role in calorie burning.


Green Tea Compounds May Boost Eye Health

This past week I went for an eye exam. My eyesight has gotten to the point where I needed to wear over-the-counter magnifiers all the time while reading & writing, especially with in-door lighting. I figured it was time to get professional help. I always told myself I was going to hold out until I was 50 to get glasses…well I made it to 52 1/2! 

The antioxidant compounds present in green tea can penetrate the tissue of the eye and potentially protect against common eye diseases.

Researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong report that catechins from tea could be detected in significant amounts in various eye structures. According to the findings, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the retina of rats absorbed the highest levels of gallocatechin, while the aqueous humor tended to absorb epigallocatechin.

Furthermore, the potential beneficial effects of green tea catechins in reducing harmful oxidative stress were sustained for up to 20 hours.

“Although many antioxidants have been studied in the eye, to the best of our knowledge this is the first paper to show distribution of individual catechins after ingestion of green tea extract and to evaluate their in vivo antioxidative effects in various parts of the mammalian eye,” the new study reported.

Green tea contains between 30% and 40% of water-extractable polyphenols, while black tea (green tea that has been oxidized by fermentation) contains between three percent and ten percent. The four primary polyphenols found in fresh tea leaves are epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate and epicatechin.

“Many studies on the oxidative effect of green tea focused on EGCG,” the researchers reported. “However, in this study, we found its tissue level was not high. Gallocatechin, epigallocatechin, catechin and epicatechin, on the other hand, sustained high levels in many compartments.

“Although these compounds have a reducing power similar to or lower than that of EGCG, use of a mixture, such as green tea extract, was better than use of a single catechin because of lower cost and synergic effects on antioxidation and bioavailability,” they added.

“Our results indicate that green tea consumption could benefit the eye against oxidative stress,” the researchers concluded.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 58(3):1523-1534, 2010

I think one of the reasons my vision has been maintained and is still excellent when I am outside in natural light is because i take supplements with Catechins (green tea extract). I rotate between Green Tea 600  by XYMOGEN and Celepro by Metagenics. Both are great anti-oxidants.