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SCENAR therapy

Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator (SCENAR): It was first invented in Russia in the mid 80s under space and military research programs. SCENAR device generates electrical impulses that are physiologically similar to our own bodies neurological impulses. SCENAR impulses get applied to your skin, then the body uses its own reflexes, in a  biofeedback process at real time and biological speed. By continuously using biofeedback, the SCENAR modifies each successive input signal to either amplify or dampen the form of the pathological signals that exist in the body.

Pain is the most common complaint to be dealt with the SCENAR therapy by blocking  transmission of the pain impulses in the nerve endings.

I use SCENAR to send a signal along peripheral nerve fibers, allowing suppression of  pain that occurs in the brain cortex. By rubbing the SCENAR impulses over an inflammed or restricted fascial area, there is reduction of the swelling/edema around the nerve fibers leading to reduction of pressure effects on the nerves.