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Probiotics Help Eczema

Most of my patients know the positive effects on digestion from using probiotic supplements. Most people need to take probiotic supplements after using antibiotics. This will ensure that the good intestinal flora bacteria killed by the antibiotic use gets replenished. 

Even many MD’s are recommending probiotics during and after antibiotic therapy. I use probiotics to  help build the immune system, and induce an “immunosurveillance” if you will.  Probiotics are also helpful to address abdominal discomfort, bloating and cramping. Allergies that affect the skin such as eczema, are helped by strains of  probiotics. All probiotics are not created equal. I can only recommend UltraFlora Plus DF (dairy free) by Metagenics or Probio Defense by Xymogen as two of the best and most reliable.