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If you have difficulty sleeping due to insomnia, shift work  or jet lag? 

Consuming tart cherry juice concentrate significantly improves both the quality and duration of sleep, according to a new United Kingdom study by scientists at Northumbria University.

In an article published in the European Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that tart cherry juice from Montmorency cherries significantly increased melatonin levels in the body.

Since melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep, the team found that people who consumed tart cherry juice concentrate not only slept longer, but also experienced improved quality of sleep.

The melatonin contained in tart cherry juice concentrate is sufficient to elicit a healthy sleep response.”

Drink a 30 ml serving of tart cherry juice for seven days and see how you feel. Participants who drank tart cherry juice concentrate for one week were found to have a significant increase in urinary melatonin (+15-16%) against the placebo group.

The study participants had an increase of about 15 minutes of time spent in bed, an increase of 25 minutes in total sleep time and a five to six percent increase in “sleep efficiency” (a global measurement of sleep quality).

Cherry juice drinkers also reported less napping time during the day (compared to their normal sleeping habits and against placebo group napping times).

Researchers think the melatonin is the principle reason for the improved sleep observations.

The study used pure tart Montmorency cherry juice concentrate (with a greater concentration of phytochemicals, including melatonin).

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