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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & licorice

If you never had enlarged & painful lymph nodes, you do not have CFS.

If your blood pressure tends to hypertension, you do not have CFS.

If your plasma cortisol levels are above normal values, you do not have CFS. Patients with CFS have low plasma cortisol levels.

Licorice potentiates the action of cortisol; licorice retains sodium and would tend towards causing hypertension.

Dosage of licorice: 2 grams pure non-deglycyrrhinized licorice must be completely dissolved in half a liter (500 ml) of cold whole milk. Drink this every morning. You can gradually & cautiously increase the dosage to 5 grams (it must be milk). If you allergic to milk you can use Isostar sport drink or Gatorade.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia

Question: Do you have vitamin suggestions for chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia?  I was taking doxycycline but my MD doesn’t want me to take any medications for it. 

Answer: The book, “From Fatigue to Fantastic” by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, specifically addresses fibromyalgia and multiple related issues. Levels of brain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin or norepinephrine are often at lower than normal levels. These are important brain chemicals that help modulate your experience of pain and help to deepen sleep and improve just the quality of your mood and energy. You can improve your neurotransmitter balance with amino acids like 5-Hydroxy Tryptophan and L- Theanine, EPA-DHA, Tyrosine, vitamin B6Lumina is a supplement by Metagenics that modulates metabolism of dopamine, GABA & norepinephrine; Symphora is a supplement by Metagenics that promotes a positive mood and mental well-being by beneficially modulating cerebral metabolism of cortisol.,

Hormonal issues are very important. Not enough DHEA, or testosterone in both men and women, and in women the levels of progesterone and estrogen affect this. Levels of magnesium are very important but it’s hard to get magnesium glycinate by taking it in oral form. Sometimes alternative MD’s use an intravenous treatment called a Myers’ cocktail in fibromyalgia patients to  significantly boost magnesium and help reduce muscle tightness and muscle aching that may happen when the muscles get tired and need help to  properly relax.

Other supplements that I recommend are Fibroplex Plus by Metagenics. this product really helps muscle tenderness, energy metabolism and neuromuscular function. Other helpful supplements  are COQ10 and carnitine. Helping people sleep better is important. So reestablishing sleep with either supplements like kava, melatonin, or valerian root is useful. This helps bring about a healing process in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.,
Some patients inexplicably have low levels of B12, and  they may respond to oral B12 or  B12 shots. Always check for low levels of  vitamin D. Vitamin D is a  very important part of the pain picture in fibromyalgia because when you have low levels of vitamin D, your bones demineralize and they actually may ache.
People say, “I’ve got that deep achy feeling in my bones.” That may really be what’s happening — the bones are aching due to demineralization with inadequate levels of vitamin D. So using vitamin D as a pain medication can be helpful if we find the vitamin D levels low. You can see that there is a whole checklist of issues that can make a difference for FMS & chronic fatigue.

The warm laser has been one of the best treatments I have seen for fibromyalgia. The deep heat really seems to help aching joints and muscles. please read my posts on the warm laser.

Do some research on your own and you may seek guidance from a nutritionally-oriented chiropractor or health care practitioner who can guide you through a protocol of proper support for this condition.,


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a serious and debilitating condition. Is there a solution for those who are unlucky enough to suffer from CFS to get well again?

Some people feel flu-like symptoms, dizziness, “brain fog”, poor concentration, headaches and most of all, severely exhausted and completely drained. Literally weeks and months of this severely exhaustion can go by.

My experiences with numerous patients who suffer with CFS, has led me to a supplement called Mitichondrial Renewal Kit by XYMOGEN. The Mitochondrial Renewal Kit helps to improve insulin sensitivity and action; improve glucose transport; increase Nitric Oxide production; improve cardiovascular function; improve appetite control; reduce fat mass; increase muscle mass; improve movement ability; improve antioxidant status.

The experience of working with CFS has taught me that nutrition actually plays a key role in helping people feel better. It’s not about beating CFS – it’s about working with it to attain better health. CFS treatment requires intense hands on participation from your Doctor and you! My advice to all patients with CFS is to work with a Doctor who can help you fine tune your nutritional needs!