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Weight Loss Math

To lose one pound of  body weight (fat) – you have to burn 3,000 calories. You  can burn calories through exercise, or decrease your intake of food calories by approximately 3,000 calories. Let’s break this down: you can exercise 250 calories daily and decrease your food calories by 250 per day. Do this every day for one week and you will lose one pound of body weight fat.

The strategy I use is to decrease 250 calories of food daily and increase your activity by 250 calories per day for seven days to reach the 3,000 calorie mark each week. My clients who do this  typically  lose a pound a week.

Break it down: Do 30 minutes of a combination of cardio (sprints) and one of my free weight programs to burn body fat and build muscle which automatically burns more calories during rest. I advocate cardio + resistance. That’s what I personally do. Too much aerobic exercise will burn calories from fat but can burn fuel from muscle cells-resulting in a loss of muscle mass-now you are screwed. The reason this happens is that periods of aerobic exercise cause the body to shift into survival mode. In this state, it strives to preserve access to fat cells by also burning fuel derived from muscle cells. It does this because the body is incapable of understanding our motivation for doing cardio. As far as it is concerned, it just needs to maintain fat reserves for any pending emergency situations where we might not have access to food. By combining your workouts with resistance + cardio activities, you can burn up to 44% more calories. The bottom line is that resistance + cardio workouts burn considerably more calories and fat than ordinary cardio alone.


Protein vs carbs vs fat calories

Your metabolic rate increases after every meal because of the “thermic effect” of eating and digesting food.  Your body burns a different amount of calories depending on the type of macronutrient you are eating.  For example your body doesn’t burn as many calories when digesting carbohydrates and fat as it does with protein.

Your body only burns about 4-7 calories for every 100 calories of carbohydrates or 100 calories of fat that you eat.  Though if you were to eat 100 calories of protein it would require your body to burn roughly 24-28 calories to digest that protein.

If you are looking at net calories your body is only netting about 70% of the protein calories that you consume and netting 93-96% of the carb or fat calories you consume.

Now you decide which food you want to put in your body for weight loss! This is why I like to recommend the UltraMeal shakes. They have protein and other nutrients to burn fat, not muscle. Order UltraMeal shakes at


How long you will need to exercise to burn off Thanksgiving Day calories:

Let’s assume the average Turkey Day dinner is about 3,000 calories. Here’s how long you will need to exercise to burn off those calories:

Aerobics (high impact) 6 hours, 20 minutes
Biking (moderate, 12-14 mph) 5 hours, 30 minutes
Cleaning 15 hours
Football 5 hours, 30 minutes
Running (10 min. miles) 4 hours, 30 minutes
Swimming (75 yards/minute) 4 hours
Tae kwon do 4 hours, 25 minutes
Tennis 6 hours, 20 minutes
Walking (very brisk) 9 hours
Weight lifting (vigorous) 7 hours, 20 minutes
Yardwork, raking 12 hours

* Calculated for a person weighing 150 pounds. Based on WebMD’s Fit-o-Meter Exercise Calorie Calculator.


5 Rules for Hard Abs

There is a layer of fat that hides most peoples abs. The closer you come to removing the fat that covers your abs, the more defined every muscle becomes, making you look sexier all over.

I have my nutrition and training programs ‘down’ and have helped shape the best bodies of Los Angeles. 

My clients are cutting body fat way down. If they want single digit body fat – I can help them get it. 

I use the BioDynamics Body Fat Analysis machine to calculate body fat, lean muscle mass, calories, water hydration and much more. Based on these numbers I can help you know how to eat to target your body weight goal. 

Example Diet Choice Formula One: Once we know how many calories you burn a day, and I know your target body weight.  Then I can tell you how  many calories you should consume daily. Plus, I’ll teach you which exercises to perform daily and the number of calories to eat – you can decide how many  meals you want—three, four, five, or six—as long as you don’t eat beyond your daily limit. 

Example Diet Choice Formula Two: You don’t like to focus on calories. I’ll teach you to eat the right amounts of the right foods, you’ll speed your results without feeling like you’re on a diet.

Everyone goes on a  protein shake. These shakes have the raw material for muscle growth and fat loss. They help decrease your appetite and if you did not change a single thing except drink two shakes a day with your regular diet, it will aid in fat loss. 

My  formula: Eat 1 gram of protein for every pound of lean muscle mass on your current body weight. If you have 120 pounds of lean muscle mass on your body, you’ll eat 120 grams of protein. One gram of protein is about 4 calories. So to calculate the calories you’ll be eating from protein, multiply the number of grams by 4. In this case, that’s 460 calories.

Read my posts on fat. Fat, along with protein keep you from overeating because it makes you feel full. The end result: You stop eating sooner and stay satisfied longer. 

My formula: Eat half a gram of fat for every pound of your target body weight. If your goal is to weigh 180 pounds, that’d be 90 grams of fat. And since 1 gram of fat has about 9 calories, that’s 810 calories from fat. This will be about 40 percent of your total calories.

Carbs from vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. I encourage lots of colorful vegetables and only two fruits per day.   

My formula: Add your calories from protein and fat, and subtract that total from your allotted daily calories.  This is the amount of calories you can eat from carbs. As protein does, carbs provide about 4 calories per gram—so divide your carb calories by four to determine how many grams of carbs you can eat. In this case, it’s about 158 grams. 

Avoid—candy, baked goods, and sugary drinks. 

Follow these rules:

1. Consume at least 5 servings of vegetables a day (mostly greens). Vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber.

2. Eat no more than 2 servings of fruit a day.

3. Avoid grains. You can eat one serving of  beans and legumes.

4. Work out .

5. Order Metagenics UltraMeal medical food shakes ( Add 2 scoops and mix it with water, almond milk, rice milk or soy milk. 



Calorie counting meal suggestion

One pound of raw hamburger, 25% fat, has 1300 calories… 

Use a quarter pound at breakfast with two to three eggs (add spinach, onions, etc.) in a scramble. No bread (I know you love bread but I need you off it while on this program!

Use another quarter pound at lunch mixed in with a salad and veges’ ( No bun).

Enjoy pound of  hamburger at dinner with lots of colorful veges.

You’ll feel satisfied all day and keep within your recommended calories to lose weight.