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A new study suggests exercising before breakfast will counter a high-calorie diet.

Researchers in Belgium had 28 healthy, young men consume a diet of 50% fat — 30% more calories than they had been previously eating. Then, they divided the men into three groups: One group didn’t exercise at all; the second group performed four, strenuous hour-long workout sessions after breakfast per week; and the third group performed exactly the same exercise routine as the second, but did so before they ate breakfast.

After six weeks, the non-exercisers gained an average of six pounds. But what was striking is that the group that worked out before breakfast gained no weight, whereas the after breakfast group put on an average of three pounds.

I’ve been working out first thing in the morning for years. I have my UltraMeal protein shake after my workout as my breakfast — working out before putting food into your stomach probably causes the body to burn fat stores. It’s OK to hydrate with water while working out. Sorry to tell all those late afternoon and nightime gym goers!


Don’t skip breakfast!

Don’ skip breakfast – it will not help you lose weight! Studies show that eating breakfast helps weight loss and is associated with better weight control. An ongoing study of people who have maintained weight loss of at least 30 pounds for more than a year shows that eating breakfast keeps people slimmer (National Weight Control Registry). Breakfast eaters tend to eat fewer calories, less saturated fat and cholesterol and have better overall nutritional status than breakfast skippers.

What is the link between eating breakfast and weight loss?

When you skip breakfast, your metabolic rate slows down and your blood sugar drops. As a result, you become hungry and have less energy. This sets you up to impulsively snack in the morning — often on high-fat sweets — or to eat extra servings or bigger portions at lunch or dinner. When you eat breakfast, your body feels nourished and satisfied, making you less likely to overeat the rest of the day.  Protein foods take longer to digest and will provide sustained energy and keep you feeling full longer.

UltraMeal Protein shakes for breakfast – best choice for weight loss

UltraMeal contains 15 grams of protein and has dietary fiber.

“No time for breakfast” is no excuse

Time is at a premium for most of us. Nevertheless, it pays to make time for what may be the most important meal of the day.

Making a shake takes about 2-3 minutes. I use 2 scoops of UltraMeal powder, added to a glass of water. I use a Latte stirrer that makes it smooth without  lumps or clumps. Other nutritious choices to get your day off to a good start:

  • 2 scoops of UltraMeal with soy or almond milk
  • Add fruit or yogurt to your taste 
  • Add peanut butter to your taste

If you can’t make a shake, try an UltraMeal bar. They are convenient and satisfy your hunger in a pinch.

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Lose weight – diet and fitness chat with Dr. Tucker

Dr. Tucker On Breakfast: You should eat some protein shortly after your morning workout. If you don’t workout in the morning you will still be happy to know that in study after study, people who eat a healthy breakfast lose more weight than those who don’t eat breakfast. For several years I have suggested eating 7-10 almonds soon after you wake up in the morning. This kicks your metabolism  into gear. Choose breakfast foods that contain protein and fiber, like scrambled eggs with spinach or brocolli, or a bowl of  oatmeal. 

Banana Steel-Cut Oatmeal With Cinnamon
Makes 3 servings, 200 calories per serving
2 1/3 cups fat-free milk
2/3 cup steel-cut oats
1/8 tsp salt
1 large banana, thinly sliced
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

In a medium saucepan, over high heat, bring 2 cups of the milk to a gentle simmer. Stir in the oats and salt. Reduce heat to low; simmer, stirring frequently until most of the milk is absorbed and the oats are tender, about 25 minutes. Remove from heat; stir in banana and cinnamon. Pour into two cereal bowls and serve with remaining 1/3 cup milk.

You Have to Eliminate the Simple Carbs  — white rice, white potatoes, breads, pastas, cereals, cookies, cakes, crackers, pastries, muffins and so forth that are made with refined white flour and sugar. Soda, fruit drinks, juices sports/energy drinks and alcohol. Complex carbohydrates, like fruits, vegetables and breads, cereals and pastas made with 100 percent whole grains are OK as long as eaten in limited amounts. It takes longer to digest complex carbohydrates, so your blood sugar stays steady and you can go longer without feeling hungry.

Exercise 6 Days a Week–Mix it up with cardio sessions (biking, treadmill, dance, hiking, etc), strength training sessions with kettlebells, free-weights & bodyweight exercises. Do everything you can to build muscle. Muscle burns several times more calories than fat. You burn more calories between muscle-burning workouts than the actual workout, which is the opposite of what happens when you just walk or run. When you don’t have time for a full workout, learn a 10 minute routine that you fit into your daily activities.