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Can I eat whole wheat bread?

I get this question often. People read or hear the words ‘whole-grain’ or ‘whole wheat’ and think its “healthy”. You know me, I’m a proponent of a low carb food plan for healthy living. Most people think corn is a vegetable so I don’t expect clients to understand grains. My suggestion is to avoid grain foods. There are no low-glycemic whole-grain foods.

Most of my clients have heard about the glycemic index. This index categorizes foods that contain carbohydrates. It lets us know which foods raise blood sugar levels the most to those that raise blood sugar levels the least. The top four categories are:

1. Cereals
2. Breads
3. Other grain products
4. Pastas
5. Desserts
6. Fruits

In other words, cereals, breads and pasta generally produce a bigger rise in blood sugar than desserts or fruits. “Wholesome” whole-wheat bread has a glycemic score of 80. That is twice the score of ice cream, apples, or peaches!

The bottom line: Whole-grain bread spikes your blood sugar the same as white bread does. High-glycemic foods cause inflammatory reactions, contribute to extra fat, and accelerate aging.