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Active Release Technique (ART) vs Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS). Why do I specialize in DMS?

Before the name ART was trademarked, Dr. Leahy taught this as Myofascial Release Technique. Myofascial release is a technique I have been using for my entire practice. Dr. Jake Pivaroff invented the Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS), a handheld device that offers deep vibration & percussion.

Choosing which technique to specialize in was very simple for me. After trying both techniques on my own body to help resolve different sports injuries and a low back condition, I got better results with DMS. For me, it also felt more relaxing and therapeutic while getting treatment. I have been using DMS for over 3 years now and I see a lot of clients who have had prior ART sessions with other practitioners, and these clients tell me that they get better results with the DMS.