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Is Your Work Chair Causing Low Back Pain?

If you have a bad back it is critical to do these simple things….
Change Posture Frequently

This varies the location of the stress on your spine, instead of focusing all of it on the same area. The key is to maintain a neutral, natural arch in your low back. Try standing up every 20 minutes; try putting your feet up or leaning your chair back.
Aim For a Dozen ‘Arch-ups’ (Cobra in yoga) or Standing Backward bends every day
Most lower-back problems come form prolonged flexion or leaning over like sitting in a slumped posture. Avoid prolonged flexion by standing up and arching backwards 8 times, 3 times daily. 
Squeeze Your Butt Muscles 
The gluteal muscles are often weak, especially if you have tight hamstrings and weak abdominals. By squeezing the glutes about 20% during walking you’ll automatically help stabilize your spine, which lowers your risk of back injuries.
Use a Stability Ball For a Chair
Use it instead of a desk chair for 15 to 20 minutes every hour. Sitting on the ball keeps you in motion, and it’ll also help strengthen your core muscles.
Frequently Adjust Your Car Seat
Every 20-30 minutes use the buttons on your carseat to change your position. If you recline the seat so far back that you have to crane your neck to see in front of you, you’re putting a dangerous strain on the lower neck. You should be able to see a full view of the road with your head against the headrest
Make Use of a Pillow 
The best position to sleep is on your back. Place a pillow under your knees and your cervical curve to help relieve back stress. The second best sleep position is on your side. If you’re a side sleeper, draw your legs up toward your chest and place a pillow between your knees. The least desirable sleep position is sleeping on your stomach. If you do this, stuff a small pillow under your abdomen to keep your lower back from sagging.