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SCENAR therapy

Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator (SCENAR): It was first invented in Russia in the mid 80s under space and military research programs. SCENAR device generates electrical impulses that are physiologically similar to our own bodies neurological impulses. SCENAR impulses get applied to your skin, then the body uses its own reflexes, in a  biofeedback process at real time and biological speed. By continuously using biofeedback, the SCENAR modifies each successive input signal to either amplify or dampen the form of the pathological signals that exist in the body.

Pain is the most common complaint to be dealt with the SCENAR therapy by blocking  transmission of the pain impulses in the nerve endings.

I use SCENAR to send a signal along peripheral nerve fibers, allowing suppression of  pain that occurs in the brain cortex. By rubbing the SCENAR impulses over an inflammed or restricted fascial area, there is reduction of the swelling/edema around the nerve fibers leading to reduction of pressure effects on the nerves.



Low Back Pain!

From personal experience I understand back pain. I’ve dealt with an unstable lower lumbar region and the consequence…on/off back pain, for the past twenty years. I have come to understand exactly what happens when we feel pain in the spine. I’ve learned through managing my own condition and treating thousands of sufferers in my Chiropractic Rehab practice – for nearly three decades – that when it comes to low back pain and treatment “One size does not fit all”.
Once you have had one bad episode of low back pain, having another episode is the nightmare every patient wants to avoid. Some people even have spent countless hours rehabilitating there low back, doing different modalities, core exercises, lumbar stabilization exercises, Pilates, etc, strengthening there back and hoping to avoid another episode. Then in the middle of a meeting, you just try to get up out of a chair, or get out of bed in the morning, or lift something heavy, and suddenly you feel low back spasm – with pains coursing up and down your back. You can’t move without increasing the intensity of the pain. It’s an awful feeling! 
Back pain – whether sudden or chronic, constant or intermittent – is debilitating for all active people. And without seeking effective treatment, it won’t go away. 
Don’t get discouraged. The low back can become balanced and enhanced naturally. Let’s start with the basics:
1. Overall nutritional support is essential, and I recommend the ‘low inflammation’ or Paleo diet, a good multivitamin and fish oils (about 2-4 grams of omega 3 per day).
2. Begin a walking program. Research has shown that walking briskly each day is as effective as Prozac for depression (which often accompanies back pain). Build up to 30 minutes 5 days a week. After three weeks of a half hour walking program you are ready for more vigorous cardio exercises. 
3. Get more sunshine – maybe while you are walking. Inadequate sunlight is a common cause of pain and depression. Take vitamin D3 daily.
4. Get eight hours of sleep every night.
5. Begin a foam roll program.
6. Ask your Chiropractor to give you floor exercises, body weight exercises, and help you to progress to strengthening exercises.
Prevention is ALWAYS better than the cure.  Protect your body by seeing a Chiropractor.