Weight Loss

A small percentage of people are happy with their weight and overall health, but many of us seem to be constantly looking for ways of shedding extra pounds, reducing fat, and feeling more energetic and healthy.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker works with clients on nutrition, diet optimization, supplements, exercise, and whole-body health to help them achieve their goals for weight management and health. Whether it’s minor adjustments to your currently lifestyle or radical changes, Dr. Tucker works one on one to create a highly customized weight management program for you.

By integrating diet, supplementation, exercise, and whole-body health programs, patients are set goals, work toward achieving those goals, and live happier healthier lives as a result. In addition, Dr. Tucker uses an advanced form of body composition analysis, with a unique web-based dashboard. This lets Dr. Tucker monitor clients’ progress and to make adjustments quickly and frequently, to help you achieve your goals more rapidly.

If you are interested in a weight loss program, contact Dr. Tucker. He serves the communities of Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Marina del Ray, Encino, Brentwood and Los Angeles.