Pain Relief

When you are in significant pain, little else seems to matter. It can affect every aspect of your life. Pain can be minor and a small hindrance to daily activities, all the way up to chronic and severe, which can be entirely debilitating.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker takes an integrated “whole body” approach to pain, and has found great success with patients who have had little success with other treatments. Dr. Tucker has a vast array of treatment options, which can be used independently or together for a synergistic effect.

Dr. Tucker uses a variety of different treatments including chiropractic, laser (warm and cool), deep muscle stimulator, muscle biofeedback, therapeutic massage, exercise and weight training, and diet and nutrition. He can even teach you how to improve your ergonomics at work and at home, to improve your posture and avoid conditions such as tailbone pain (coccyx).

No two patients are identical, so no two courses of treatment are identical, either. Dr. Tucker will develop a highly personalized program to your specific needs.

If you are in pain, contact Dr. Tucker. He serves the communities of Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Marina del Ray, Encino, Brentwood and Los Angeles.