Why Metagenics?

Why should you be using Metagenics products versus any other type of supplement?

Because they offer products that can:

* Help reduce inflammation naturally
* Help you lose body fat while increasing muscle mass. Or, if you already feel good about your weight, they can help you maintain ideal body composition.
* Support excellent heart and all-over cardiovascular health.
* Support brain health, in particular helping you maintain healthy brain functioning as you age.
* Supports healthy cholesterol levels.
* Supports maintainence of a healthy blood glucose metabolism.
* Support for fatigue and muscle tenderness.
* Supports overall muscle and nerve health as well by helping your body to use and produce energy efficiently.
* Supports healthy digestion, by promoting a healthy mucosal layer in the stomach and intestine as well as by supporting the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine.
* Provide effective immune system support.
* Promotes healthy thyroid function
* Boost your daily energy
* Helps your skin maintain collagen, elasticin and other essential components that can decrease with aging.

What Makes Metagenics Superior to Other Brands?

“The Metagenics products I highly recommend and offer to you meets all of the requirements in the chart below. Meeting such high standards is no small feat, but you should not settle for anything less if you want to experience all of the health benefits of vitamin supplements without exposing yourself to unnecessary health risks. If you are considering another brand, I urge you to make sure it meets the requirements below.”

Key Requirements of Healthy & Safe Supplements

* Purity-Certified
* No Artificial Colors
* No Sweeteners
* No Preservatives*
* No Hydrogenation
* Non-GMO
* No Hybrid Varieties
* Made From Fresh Ingredients
* GMP-certified manufacturing
* Comprehensive safety reviews
* Human clinical evaluation

*Liquid supplements contain preservatives

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