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Weight Loss – Ketogenic diet

You know you are overweight, maybe even fat. As a kid you were chubby then you became chunky. As a kid you were husky then you became robust. In college you had a good figure, then after a baby you became rotund. Pregnancy made you plump and flabby, and you have been stuck with an extra 10-15 pounds to lose. Whatever the cause, you feel flabby or fat. When you look in the mirror, a little voice inside of you says “I gotta lose weight”. Don’t let your pant size go up, it’s time to get on the scale and find out where you are at. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, a weight loss chiropractor in Los Angeles says “It doesn’t matter if the extra weight crept up on you one fast food lunch at a time or you got so busy you stopped exercising. Right now, you’ve decided; today is your day. How do I start?” The common answer is to start eating a good diet and exercise. You already know that but have not had the willpower to get started. Here is how I start to do it with clients. It all begins when a client tells me “I am ready to lose weight” or “I know I need to lose weight”. Then we talk. There is no miracle supplement or drug that does it for you. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker uses a ketogenic protocol to finally drop fat. Jim Nicastro works in Tucker’s office and he helps dieters figure out what has been holding them back from starting or completing other plans.

Nicastro creates a food plan that’s simple and easy to follow. He has classic training in the Ideal Protein ketogenic protocol. “It’s all about learning ways to eat, what tastes good to you, and the amounts that are good for you” says Nicastro. What happens if it doesn’t work? Well, you are going to be fat, just the way you are now.

In the beginning people on weight loss plans are enthusiastic and energetic, and then the wave of doubt can set in. Life throws you a “big worry”, or something at work or home gets hectic. What can you do to handle all of these things and stay on a program? The single most important factor to ensuring a successful weight loss is this says Tucker “Determine why do you want to lose the weight? Feel healthy again, feel sexy, look attractive, fit into a special dress, keep up with your kids, get off medications. Once you know the ‘why’, the journey just got a little easier.”

Some guys and gals desire a six pack abs. Others have not felt thin in 20 years. Nicastro says “Whatever your vision for yourself, I want to know it: I want to know what you doing, where are you going, what are you wearing?” Your ‘why’ is your personal ticket to success. One client wanted “to be able to square dance again”. Another guy wanted to play basketball with his old buddies again. Someone else wanted to look good in her bathing suit for an upcoming trip. Make it as real for yourself as it is going to be. Write it down on paper somewhere. Come up with as many good ‘whys’ as you can. Once you have verbalized your thoughts and written them down, they are in stone. We use these ‘whys’ as a reminder and motivator of why you are doing a program.

No matter what your ‘whys’ are, your answer lies within yourself. Your reasons why you want to lose weight will be ultimately the driving force behind all that you do in your life. Your ‘why’ will get you up out of bed a half hour earlier, take a walk at lunch time, or off the couch at the end of the day. It will make you feel satisfied with a bite of chocolate, instead of tempting you to eat the whole bar. In this day and age, there are many ways to create a personalized weight loss program.

Call the office for a personal consult with Jim Nicastro and Dr. Jeffrey Tucker 310-444-9393



Weight Loss

Total Health Center is offering weight loss with the Ideal Protein Protocol, a medically designed and developed protocol for weight loss and weight maintenance, which has been shown to potentially reduce healthcare claims and improve key markers of cardiac and metabolic health.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker has taken a clear stance, “I want to help patients lose weight. Being overweight or obese is a root problem of so many cardiovascular and metabolic problems, as well as inflammatory musculoskeletal aches and pains.”

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a four-phase, low carbohydrate, moderate protein, ketogenic weight management solution. We are offering the protocol to our patients to help them lose weight and as a result, reverse metabolic syndrome – the cluster of conditions including increased blood pressure, high blood sugar and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels that are often pre-cursors to heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Effect of the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol on Employee Healthcare Costs

In one study, Aspirus followed 306 employees who had successfully completed the Ideal Protein Protocol and analyzed claims costs for these employees from 2013 to 2015. Results from the study indicated an average of $916.97 (18% reduction) decrease in overall average costs. Females had the greatest decrease from 2013 to 2015 averaging -$974.71 (17%) from 2013. Comparing 2013 to 2015, males reduced their claims by -$472.88 (19% reduction).

This indicates that by offering workplace weight interventions, employers can potentially save between $500 and $1000 annually per employee on medical claims. With 70 percent of the U.S. population of overweight or obese, multiply those numbers accordingly – these types of workplace wellness initiatives could potentially save the insurance industry billions of dollars a year in claims related to the health complications of excess weight.

Effect of a Ketogenic Diet on Advanced Lipid Profiles

Twenty patients (BMI >35) were enrolled in the 12 week study with the Ideal Protein Protocol, Effect of a Ketogenic Diet on Advanced Lipid Profiles. Sixteen patients completed the study, constituting an 80% compliance rate. Besides noticeable results in weight reduction, findings indicate that the Ideal Protein Protocol also has a positive effect on lipid abnormalities, with significant reductions observed in glucose and triglyceride levels. The Ideal Protein Protocol also has a positive effect on insulin, insulin resistance, and parameters of metabolic syndrome.

About Ideal Protein

The Ideal Protein Protocol is medically designed and developed and is consistent with evidence-based guidelines for weight loss management and maintenance. The protocol tackles the root cause of weight gain – the body’s overproduction of insulin – by restricting consumption of sugars and carbohydrates- achieving optimal results through lowering poor fat intake, while maintaining adequate protein intake to preserve muscle mass.

This weight loss program is available at Total Health Center by trained coaches. For an appointment, call 310-444-9393.

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2 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Center for Health Statistics. Obese and Overweight.


Weight Loss – Fat Loss

Claims of spot reduction fat loss are not supported by research. Body part-specific exercise like crunches and planks do not create preferential fat loss in one region of the body over another (McArdle WD 2015).

However using new laser technology has allowed me to break the code on stubborn fat loss in the waist area. Those with stubborn belly fat need a different approach than just dieting. I already have a successful and proven approach in teaching people how diet, exercise, creating structured routines, and establishing the right goals creates weight loss.

For fat loss around the waist my approach can have a major positive impact on your looks and quality of life. For new options and a better understanding of fat loss call 310-444-9393 to schedule an appointment.


Weight loss + resistance training = lower Metabolic Syndrome

FACTS: 1) Metabolic Syndrome is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

2) You need a doctor who can guide you through proper diet recommendations to induce weight loss and teach you correct exercise activities. If you are overweight, even obese, and sedentary I know how to do this.

Resistance training alone is not enough…caloric restriction is not enough.

MY PROGRAM: I will teach you my weight loss movement training program which starts out slow and easy (you can do this at home or in the office three times per week). You’ll start with your own body weight movements, then progress to CLX bands, then to free weights (3 sets of 10 repetitions for each of 8 – 12 exercises at about 70% of your 1 repetition maximum) over the course of 3-5 months. I’ll also teach you how we get 5% to 10% weight loss by decreasing a small amount of your daily caloric intake.

This combination of exercise training and a simple way to eat and not be hungry, results in weight loss.

Just -5.5% of your body weight can significantly reduce the presence of Metabolic Syndrome in overweight/obese older people.

You’ll see results in decreasing blood pressure and a decrease abdominal fat.

In recent studies resistance training alone without weight loss was not beneficial for improving Metabolic Syndrome.

Call 310-444-9393 to learn more about reducing fat.


Weight loss/Fat Loss

Get Fat Out of the Fat Tissue.


You’ve gotten older, you’ve gotten fatter, and things are thrown ‘out of whack’. It’s mostly been the thrown ‘out of whack’ part that brings patients into my office. After pain relief, weight loss is the number two goal patients tell me they want. I encourage weight loss if they need too. Joints and muscles don’t hurt as much with a little weight loss – patients overall health is better.

“Do you have a weight loss strategy?” or “What’s telling your fat tissue to grow?” We may never know all the answers – could be insulin, adrenaline, and other hormones, too many carbohydrates in the diet, eating too many calories, not enough exercise, not enough sleep, and the list goes on…

I’ve had patients try every diet, diet and exercise, pills, shakes and other stuff to lose weight. What’s the latest on how you get rid of excess fat accumulation? We have new noninvasive technology to make pores in the fat cells, allowing lipids to leak out. This new technology plus what you think works, works!

You can expect 1” girth size measurement loss in 4 weeks. Call 310-444-9393 for an appointment. Are you ready to do something about it?


Knee Pain & Osteoarthritis Treatment

I coined the term POLITE Method for how I treat my patients. The ‘P’ is for improving posture and creating a plan of treatment.

The ‘OL’ is optimal loading. This means figuring out self-management activities  for knee pain that are not too easy and not too difficult.

The ‘I’ in instruments that I use in the office for knee pain such as laser, DMS, and shockwave therapy that give effective short- and long-term pain relief benefits.

‘T’ is for taping  the knee and I’ll teach you how to apply simple kinesio-tape to the knee for pain relief.

‘E’ is for education regarding the progressive nature of osteoarthritis (OA) and for pain management education; joint-sparing exercise advice including daily walking, balance tips, and falls prevention; and emotional and cognitive skills to improve quality of life; Eating for weight loss for those who are overweight or obese. Weight loss has been shown to improve mobility and reduce pain. For every one pound of weight lost, there is a 4-pound reduction in the load exerted on the knee for each step taken during daily activities. A weight loss of only 15 pounds can cut knee pain in half for overweight individuals with arthritis.

A low-carbohydrate diet has been shown to reduce weight in obese patients by ?10% and lead to improvements in self-reported scores for overall progress and functional ability.

If you like my POLITE approach call 310-444-9393 for an appointment.


21 Day Cleanse

Significantly Improve Weight Loss, Fitness, and Mobility.

Medically Proven 21 Day Cleanse With Exercise Program.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker knows how to evaluate, motivate and help patients lose weight.

“Our 21 Day Cleanse is effective, inexpensive and convenient to not only lose weight but feel more energy.”

You can do the 21 Day Cleanse independently and never have to come into the office and still sustain a high level of compliance. If you chose to come into the office over the 21 days, patients get a comprehensive body composition analysis, measuring reduced weight and body fat. At the end of the program our patients feel better and have lost weight.

Cost of the 21 Day Cleanse kit is $295. The kit includes supplements for each day of the cleanse, a comprehensive food shopping list, a Thera-Band CLX band which is the perfect tool to ‘play’ with and burn calories or you can follow our specific exercises for each of the 21 days. If you want tracking and guidance we are there for you.

Order your kit at 310-444-9393.

“I suggest a pedometer with step-tracking ability. We know that if you embrace a movement program, you’ll experience changes quicker than if you just focused on a nutritional program.”

The 21 Day Cleanse kit has recipes, supplements, an app, directions, a band and instructions on simple exercises that ‘fit in’ to a busy day.


How much should I weight?

The appropriate weight for each individual may vary. What I like to ask is “What is your body fat amount?” I love to help people lose body fat, not just lose weight because you could be losing precious muscle mass as your weight decreases.

I help make sure your clothes fit better but I also make sure we measure body fat content. The test I perform to measure body fat is called BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis). I have a machine that tells us how much body fat you have and how much lean muscle mass you have. It also tells me the number of calories you burn a day, as well as your water content amounts. Our first goal is a body fat of about 15-20% of total body weight in normal young men, and in young women the figure is about 25-30%.

Optimal body fat for my athletic male patients is 12-15%, or 20-22% as a female…at these ranges testosterone and estrogen hormone levels are pretty good. But at elevated body fat percentages… hormone balance becomes a VERY big problem.

Together we’ll look at the relationship between your body fat, exercise, stress, sleep, diet, and supplements. It is not enough just to say that the more you workout, the thinner you get, the better you feel. If only it were that easy…

I’ll help you identify strategies you can safely use to control weight and body fat. Come into the office for your easy to perform body composition analysis. Call 310-444-9393


New Year – New You! Program

  • 21-Day Cleanse Overview

    This dietary approach has been most helpful with patients who complain of fatigue, recurrent gastrointestinal problems (especially bloating, constipation), food intolerance or sensitivity, chemical or environmental sensitivities, chronic headache, and muscle or joint pain of unknown origin.

    The diet is dairy- and gluten-free and usually well tolerated.

    Primary Guidelines:

  • Eliminate all dairy products, including milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and frozen yogurt.  Avoid products like soy cheese, which are made with casein (a milk protein).
  • Eliminate fatty meats like beef, pork, or veal. Also avoid chicken, turkey, and fish for the first 10 days.
  • Chicken, turkey, and cold-water fish such as salmon, mackerel, and halibut are acceptable on Day 11 if you are not allergic to or intolerant of these foods.  Select from organic or free-range products whenever possible.
  • Eliminate gluten.  Avoid any foods that contain wheat, splet, kamut, oat, barley, or malt.  This is the most difficult part of the diet, but it is also the most important.  Unfortunately, gluten is in many common foods, including bread, cereal, pasta, crackers, and products containing flours made from these grains.  Products made from rice, millet, buckwheat, and gluten-free flour, or potato, tapioca, and arrowroot may be used as desired by most individuals.
  • Drink at least two quarts of water, preferably filtered, daily.
  • Avoid all alcohol-containing products, including beer, wine, liquor, and over-the-counter products that contain alcohol.  Ideally you would  avoid all caffeine-containing beverages, including coffee, caffeine-containing tea, and soda pop.  Coffee substitutes from gluten-containing grains should be avoided along with decaffeinated coffee.  Be sure to read the labels of cold remedies and herbal preparations, as they frequently contain caffeine and/or alcohol.
  • Avoid foods containing yeast or foods that promote yeast overgrowth (processed foods, refined sugars, cheese, commercially prepared condiments, peanuts, vinegar, and alcoholic beverages).
  • It is theorized that by simply eliminating the foods that are most commonly associated with Chronic Disease and by providing a high anti-oxidant rich diet one can substantially improve his or her health and quality of life.

    Day 1 through 21

    Include at least 2 shakes and servings of the products you can purchase from the office per day. My patient average weight loss is 6 lbs in 21 days. Call the office to order the products for the 21 Day cleanse.


Gluten Intolerance

The inability to digest gluten, which is the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, is affecting many patients. Celiac disease – an incurable immune reaction to gluten – is the extreme sensitivity to gluten. People who react to gluten but not as severe as Celiac Disease call  it gluten intolerance.

Celiac disease is incurable and a permanent conditions. Gluten Intolerance has some good treatment options. The only way to avoid their damage is to avoid eating even tiny amounts of wheat, rye, or barley.

I ask my patients with chronic digestive issues and chronic joint inflammation complaints to  go gluten-free for a 21 day challenge.

I recently had dinner with a friend at a local LA restaurant. The waiter and chef both knew what “no gluten” meant, and even left the bread off an appetizer plate we shared so that there would be no cross-contamination. There was no flour in anything he ate that I could see. Yet, shortly after dinner he began having digestive distress (bloating). Luckily we could walk back to my office where I had an enzyme to give him that digests gluten. Quickly his symptoms disappeared.

Going gluten free is a challenge –  even a smidgen of flour on a cook’s hands or a splash of soy sauce in a sauce can set off digestive problems or silent inflammation in some people.

Feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss if you need enzymes that digest gluten. Taking them can make the difference between being successful on a gluten-free diet and failing.

Meanwhile, watch out for the obvious: wheat, barley, rye; fish and chicken dusted with flour; and salad dressing made with soy sauce.