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Become Board Certified in Chiropractic Rehabilitation

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December 13, 2011

Starting January 21 and 22, 2012 and continuing monthly at the
Levittown Healthcare Facility

Acelerated 12 module program satisfying the course requirement leading to Diplomate Status in the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board®

Enjoy the benefits of certification!!!

  • Join the fastest growing chiropractic specialty. Innovate, invigorate and transform your practice immediately!
  • Hands on training! Learn in depth analysis, evaluation and appropriately prescribe corrective rehab protocols
  • The recognition of a nationally accredited specialty by attorneys, insurance companies and fellow DCs
  • Catapult your practice into a higher realm of service and engage your patients!
  • Learn to initiate, manage and document patient care utilizing rehab protocols and guidelines.

George Petruska, DC, DACRB  Lead instructor
Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB Lead instructor
Mitchell B. Green, DC, DACRB  Associate instructor

To register, contact NYCC Post Graduate Department at (800) 434-3955 ext. 132, or online at Cost is $299 per module ($349 when paid less than 14 days prior to the first seminar date of the month). For course and program information, contact Mitch Green, DC, DACRB at (212) 269-0300. Contact the ACRB for additional online material and testing requirements at


Seminar dates & topics I am teaching in Omaha, NB 2011-2012

These are the course dates for Omaha, NB:
Jul 9             Tucker – Lsp
Aug 20-21   Petruska – Csp
Oct 15-16     Tucker – Tsp
Nov 19-20   Petruska – Spine #4
Dec no class
Jan 21 – 22  Petruska – Ankle, CTS, TMJ
Feb 25          Tucker – Hip
Mar 30 – Apr 1 ACRB Rehab Symposium Las Vegas
Apr 28          Tucker  – Shoulder
May 19-20   Petruska – Cardio, Knee
Jun 23-24    Petruska – Elective #1
Jul 28            Tucker – Nutrition, Post-surgical, Chronic Pain
Feel free to take any topic or join us for all of the classes. feel free to call me at 310-473-2911 with questions.
Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, personal trainers, AT’s are welcome. 

Seattle Diplomate Rehab Seminar Dates Taught by Dr. Tucker

Seattle Rehab dates :

Oct 1, 2011

 Nov 19


 Jan 7, 2012

 Feb 4

 Mar 3

 Apr 14

 May 12

 Jun 9

 Jul 14

 Aug 4

Sep 8


NW Sports Rehab
33400 13th Place S
Federal Way, WA  98003
(253) 838-6070

These are some of the topics we will cover over the year.

Human Movement System concepts; Core concepts & core training programs; foam roll training, weight loss.

Forward Head Posture; Movement Screens & corrective exercises; Muscle length testing; Kettlebell weight training.

Low Back conditions & rehab exercises; Flexibility training; Isolation exercises; Balance pads, balance boards, BOSU, slides.

Neck conditions, headaches & rehab protocols; TMJ treatment.

Thoracic spine conditions & rehab protocols; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; Band/tubing training (mini-bands, bands with handles); Low-load isolation exercises.

Shoulder conditions & rehab protocols; bodyweight exercises; stability ball exercises.

Hip conditions & rehab protocols; Free-weight training.

Knee conditions & rehab protocols; Group exercise training concepts.

Feet/ankles conditions & rehab protocols; medicine ball training; Plyometrics.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Cardio training concepts; Speed/agility; Post-surgical therapy.

Forms; Nutrition; Performance Enhancement.

Chronic pain treatment; Fibromyalgia Syndrome.


Doctors Rehab Diplomate course in Las Vegas

SAVE MONEY – SAVE TIME: REHABILITATION DIPLOMATE NOW IN 1 YEAR The 300 Hour Rehabilitation is now 12 Sessions of Workshop (144 hours) and 12 Sessions of Online (156 hours) education. The 12 sessions of workshop and online education can be completed in 12 months. Instead of 3 years to complete …. now 12 months. One workshop (12 hours) plus online (13 hours) are completed each month for a total of 25 hours. The cost savings are huge. Instead of $399/month for 3 years the cost is now $399/month for 1 year. Go to to register.