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BPC 157 Peptides are here

I have established my practice as one of the top chiropractic practices in the nation through my expertise, knowledge, experience and willingness to use new technology in physical therapy and nutrition. As someone who enjoys staying current with healthy aging lifestyle I am now offering BPC 157 oral peptides.

Peptides are a compound consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain, created by RNA and DNA. They are signaling molecules, with a high specificity, low side-effect profile. All of our cells are signaled by other cells with peptides, example: insulin.

BPC 157 is a body protection compound. It’s known to help surgical recovery, gut issues, tendon and ligament damage and inflammation. It encourages nerve regeneration, reduces neuro-inflammation and increases bone density.

Please call the office at 310-444-9393 and find out if BPC 157 can help you.