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Weight Loss – Fat Loss

Claims of spot reduction fat loss are not supported by research. Body part-specific exercise like crunches and planks do not create preferential fat loss in one region of the body over another (McArdle WD 2015).

However using new laser technology has allowed me to break the code on stubborn fat loss in the waist area. Those with stubborn belly fat need a different approach than just dieting. I already have a successful and proven approach in teaching people how diet, exercise, creating structured routines, and establishing the right goals creates weight loss.

For fat loss around the waist my approach can have a major positive impact on your looks and quality of life. For new options and a better understanding of fat loss call 310-444-9393 to schedule an appointment.


Weight loss/Fat Loss

Get Fat Out of the Fat Tissue.


You’ve gotten older, you’ve gotten fatter, and things are thrown ‘out of whack’. It’s mostly been the thrown ‘out of whack’ part that brings patients into my office. After pain relief, weight loss is the number two goal patients tell me they want. I encourage weight loss if they need too. Joints and muscles don’t hurt as much with a little weight loss – patients overall health is better.

“Do you have a weight loss strategy?” or “What’s telling your fat tissue to grow?” We may never know all the answers – could be insulin, adrenaline, and other hormones, too many carbohydrates in the diet, eating too many calories, not enough exercise, not enough sleep, and the list goes on…

I’ve had patients try every diet, diet and exercise, pills, shakes and other stuff to lose weight. What’s the latest on how you get rid of excess fat accumulation? We have new noninvasive technology to make pores in the fat cells, allowing lipids to leak out. This new technology plus what you think works, works!

You can expect 1” girth size measurement loss in 4 weeks. Call 310-444-9393 for an appointment. Are you ready to do something about it?



Just one session of moderate exercise can act as an anti-inflammatory.  A recent study found one session of about 20 minutes of moderate treadmill exercise resulted in a five percent decrease in the number of stimulated immune cells producing TNF (a natural anti-inflammatory that the brain makes). If you have arthritis, fibromyalgia and obesity let’s talk so we can figure out how to get you started to build up to 20 minutes and tap into the bodies natural ability to heal.