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Post Concussion Nutrition

Question: Dr. Tucker, what supplements or nutrition do you recommend for someone with post-concussion symptoms?

I recommend the following top 10 supplements & foods:
Fish oils DHA, EPA approximately 3-10 grams per day
Boswellia & Tumeric together
N-Acetyl Cysteine
Magnesium threonate
Branch Chain Amino Acids
Green Tea Resveratrol 
Eat plenty of fish, walnuts, flaxseed, dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, squash, beans, lentils, avocados


What probiotic should I take?

Do I need a probiotic?

The answer is probably YES!

A good probiotic supplement routine will support immunity, digestion, metabolism, and cytokine production. You can take a probiotic daily. In fact, it’s best to take probiotics first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Let it settle over at least an hour. You might not feel hungry afterwards and that is OK. Eat when you have an appetite.

These are some of the signs that you definitely need to be taking a Probiotic:
• Gas and bloating
• Constipation and/or diarrhea
• Skin problems
• Overall sickness
• Headaches
• Urinary tract infections
• Trouble sleeping
• An inability to lose weight
• Sugar cravings, especially for heavily refined carbs

What should I look for in a probiotic?

It needs to be made with natural ingredients, is gluten-free, and contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives, or stimulants.

What probiotic do I recommend?

The vast majority of probiotics on the market are borderline shams, because the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. The acid doesn’t allow the product to reach the appropriate parts of the gut, undamaged by stomach acid.

And I would be wrong to give you a one size fits all solution. Here’s my approachyou need to take one bottle at a time, finish it off and get a different type of bottle each time. In this way we get diversity of probiotics. I mix it up because the more strains the better. We still don’t know what strand specifically does exactly what. Take a shot gun approach!

I recommend ProbioMax 350 DF (click top bar for Xymogen), ProbioMax DF (click top bar for Xymogen), UltraFlora Balance (click top bar Metagenics), UltraFlora Spectrum (click top bar Metagenics). These are some of the most advanced probiotic formulas anywhere. They contain acid resistant capsules and have more than 100 Billion per dose.


Nutrition Chiropractor – Los Angeles

Gotu kola (a green leafy food) supports the formation of healthy connective tissue (hair, nails, lining of blood vessels). Supporting microvascular circulation is at the heart of facilitating vitality and healthy aging. Supporting healthy connective tissue maintains the integrity of blood flow in the tiniest places in the body. Your liver, eye retinas, kidneys, long nerves, bones, and joints all depend on healthy circulation.
Gotu kola by Standard Process also contains ginkgo and grape seed extract. We need a healthy amount of connective tissue but not so much that it builds up – Gotu kola keeps this hardening of tissues at bay and helps maintain function of the tissues by regulating both fibroblasts, which produce connective tissue, and fibroclasts, which break down connective tissue.
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is a nutrition chiropractor in Los Angeles. You can call his office at
310-444-9393 and have Standard Process products shipped directly to you.


Nutrition Chiropractor

Envision yourself walking on a tightrope. On one side of the balancing pole you have exercise-related inflammation and on the other side herbs with anti-inflammatory activity. The body will always tend to lean towards an exercise related inflammatory response unless there are plenty of anti-inflammatories in the diet. Then you can successfully balance on the tightrope.

Boswellia Complex from Standard Process is a perfect example of four herbs that can help modulate the inflammatory response brought on by exercise. Boswellia also contains Celery seed, Ginger, and Turmeric. This supports the function of the kidneys; joints; immune system; circulation; stress response; and cellular protective mechanism.

Consuming healthy fats with Boswellia increases its absorption. Foods would include avocados, unrefined coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, animal fats and butter or ghee from pastured cows.

You can call the office at 310-444-9393 and have Standard Process products shipped directly to you. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is a nutrition chiropractor.


Weight loss/Fat Loss

Get Fat Out of the Fat Tissue.


You’ve gotten older, you’ve gotten fatter, and things are thrown ‘out of whack’. It’s mostly been the thrown ‘out of whack’ part that brings patients into my office. After pain relief, weight loss is the number two goal patients tell me they want. I encourage weight loss if they need too. Joints and muscles don’t hurt as much with a little weight loss – patients overall health is better.

“Do you have a weight loss strategy?” or “What’s telling your fat tissue to grow?” We may never know all the answers – could be insulin, adrenaline, and other hormones, too many carbohydrates in the diet, eating too many calories, not enough exercise, not enough sleep, and the list goes on…

I’ve had patients try every diet, diet and exercise, pills, shakes and other stuff to lose weight. What’s the latest on how you get rid of excess fat accumulation? We have new noninvasive technology to make pores in the fat cells, allowing lipids to leak out. This new technology plus what you think works, works!

You can expect 1” girth size measurement loss in 4 weeks. Call 310-444-9393 for an appointment. Are you ready to do something about it?


Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain Related to Inflammation

Inflammation can be very painful. Multiple areas of joint pain and or muscle pain usually indicates some low grade inflammation in the joints. The joints are ‘smoldering’ and you need to reduce that inflammation. You need proper eating recommendations, physical therapy like laser and deep muscle stimulator (DMS). It is estimated that 1 pound of excess weight within the body can result in 3 pounds of extra strain on the spinal column. If you suffer from multiple joint aches and pains, lets discuss my 21 day cleanse or at least a 10 day anti-inflammatory diet.


How much should I weight?

The appropriate weight for each individual may vary. What I like to ask is “What is your body fat amount?” I love to help people lose body fat, not just lose weight because you could be losing precious muscle mass as your weight decreases.

I help make sure your clothes fit better but I also make sure we measure body fat content. The test I perform to measure body fat is called BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis). I have a machine that tells us how much body fat you have and how much lean muscle mass you have. It also tells me the number of calories you burn a day, as well as your water content amounts. Our first goal is a body fat of about 15-20% of total body weight in normal young men, and in young women the figure is about 25-30%.

Optimal body fat for my athletic male patients is 12-15%, or 20-22% as a female…at these ranges testosterone and estrogen hormone levels are pretty good. But at elevated body fat percentages… hormone balance becomes a VERY big problem.

Together we’ll look at the relationship between your body fat, exercise, stress, sleep, diet, and supplements. It is not enough just to say that the more you workout, the thinner you get, the better you feel. If only it were that easy…

I’ll help you identify strategies you can safely use to control weight and body fat. Come into the office for your easy to perform body composition analysis. Call 310-444-9393


New Year – New You! Program

  • 21-Day Cleanse Overview

    This dietary approach has been most helpful with patients who complain of fatigue, recurrent gastrointestinal problems (especially bloating, constipation), food intolerance or sensitivity, chemical or environmental sensitivities, chronic headache, and muscle or joint pain of unknown origin.

    The diet is dairy- and gluten-free and usually well tolerated.

    Primary Guidelines:

  • Eliminate all dairy products, including milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and frozen yogurt.  Avoid products like soy cheese, which are made with casein (a milk protein).
  • Eliminate fatty meats like beef, pork, or veal. Also avoid chicken, turkey, and fish for the first 10 days.
  • Chicken, turkey, and cold-water fish such as salmon, mackerel, and halibut are acceptable on Day 11 if you are not allergic to or intolerant of these foods.  Select from organic or free-range products whenever possible.
  • Eliminate gluten.  Avoid any foods that contain wheat, splet, kamut, oat, barley, or malt.  This is the most difficult part of the diet, but it is also the most important.  Unfortunately, gluten is in many common foods, including bread, cereal, pasta, crackers, and products containing flours made from these grains.  Products made from rice, millet, buckwheat, and gluten-free flour, or potato, tapioca, and arrowroot may be used as desired by most individuals.
  • Drink at least two quarts of water, preferably filtered, daily.
  • Avoid all alcohol-containing products, including beer, wine, liquor, and over-the-counter products that contain alcohol.  Ideally you would  avoid all caffeine-containing beverages, including coffee, caffeine-containing tea, and soda pop.  Coffee substitutes from gluten-containing grains should be avoided along with decaffeinated coffee.  Be sure to read the labels of cold remedies and herbal preparations, as they frequently contain caffeine and/or alcohol.
  • Avoid foods containing yeast or foods that promote yeast overgrowth (processed foods, refined sugars, cheese, commercially prepared condiments, peanuts, vinegar, and alcoholic beverages).
  • It is theorized that by simply eliminating the foods that are most commonly associated with Chronic Disease and by providing a high anti-oxidant rich diet one can substantially improve his or her health and quality of life.

    Day 1 through 21

    Include at least 2 shakes and servings of the products you can purchase from the office per day. My patient average weight loss is 6 lbs in 21 days. Call the office to order the products for the 21 Day cleanse.


Fish oils – friend or foe

Consuming omega-3s help us defend against inflammatory diseases like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. They help the brain and individual cell membranes.

The most important omega 3’s for our health and well-being are EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) and DHA (docosahexanoic acid). Also, DHA is very important for visual acuity and development of the brain.  Very little of EPA and DHA is converted to usable forms by the body and that’s why we need to supplement it in our diet.

I encourage fish oils especially if you have a family history of cancer, have depression and/or attention deficit disorders…it’s smart to increase your EPA and DHA. Aim to eat the food sources 
•    Cold water fatty fish (salmon, trout, sardine, mackerel, herring)
•    Shellfish (shrimp, mussels)
•    Marine algae
•    Krill

But if you are like me, I just don’t eat that much fish any more, so it’s important to supplement. 

I take my omega-3s from my supplement packets. Call the office if you would like them sent to you.


Enhancing Sport Performance


Enhancing Sport Performance with Nitrate Supplements 
Athletes may be able to increase their athletic performance by taking nitrate supplements. Nitrate is commonly found in diets rich in leafy green foods and is important for the functioning of the human body, especially during exercise.

In a recent study in Frontiers in Physiology, researchers gave 27 participants nitrate supplements before sprint interval training (SIT), which took the form of short but intense cycling sessions performed three times per week. The muscle fiber composition changed with the enhanced nitrate intake when training in low oxygen conditions after only five weeks. The Athletic Performance Center at the University of Leuven Dr. Peter Hespel writes, “This is probably the first study to demonstrate that a simple nutritional supplementation strategy, i.e. oral nitrate intake, can impact on training-induced changes in muscle fiber composition.” I add two scoops of Standard Process Complete to my morning shake. It includes buckwheat leaf, Brussel sprouts, kale, and alfalfa plant.
Frontiers in Physiology, July 2016