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Osteoporosis Chiropractor

Lasers are currently being used for osteoporosis pain relief, tissue repair, and even the aesthetic treatment of fine wrinkles, photoaged skin and scars, a process known as photorejuvenation. More recently, this approach has also been used for inflammatory acne.

How does laser light work? Laser is light. This light gets absorpted in the cells by mitochondrial chromophores (in particular cytochrome c oxidase).  The current thinking is that absorption of laser light energy causes enhancement of mitochondria to work and create more adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production (that’s a really good thing for the body). This has positive impact on tissue repair and regeneration. That is why you want laser therapy!

I use laser and shock wave therapy for reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, augmenting tissue repair, promoting regeneration of soft tissues, bones, nerves, and slowing tissue damage in situations where it is likely to occur such as knees.


What probiotic should I take?

Do I need a probiotic?

The answer is probably YES!

A good probiotic supplement routine will support immunity, digestion, metabolism, and cytokine production. You can take a probiotic daily. In fact, it’s best to take probiotics first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Let it settle over at least an hour. You might not feel hungry afterwards and that is OK. Eat when you have an appetite.

These are some of the signs that you definitely need to be taking a Probiotic:
• Gas and bloating
• Constipation and/or diarrhea
• Skin problems
• Overall sickness
• Headaches
• Urinary tract infections
• Trouble sleeping
• An inability to lose weight
• Sugar cravings, especially for heavily refined carbs

What should I look for in a probiotic?

It needs to be made with natural ingredients, is gluten-free, and contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives, or stimulants.

What probiotic do I recommend?

The vast majority of probiotics on the market are borderline shams, because the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. The acid doesn’t allow the product to reach the appropriate parts of the gut, undamaged by stomach acid.

And I would be wrong to give you a one size fits all solution. Here’s my approachyou need to take one bottle at a time, finish it off and get a different type of bottle each time. In this way we get diversity of probiotics. I mix it up because the more strains the better. We still don’t know what strand specifically does exactly what. Take a shot gun approach!

I recommend ProbioMax 350 DF (click top bar for Xymogen), ProbioMax DF (click top bar for Xymogen), UltraFlora Balance (click top bar Metagenics), UltraFlora Spectrum (click top bar Metagenics). These are some of the most advanced probiotic formulas anywhere. They contain acid resistant capsules and have more than 100 Billion per dose.


Nutrition Chiropractor – Los Angeles

Gotu kola (a green leafy food) supports the formation of healthy connective tissue (hair, nails, lining of blood vessels). Supporting microvascular circulation is at the heart of facilitating vitality and healthy aging. Supporting healthy connective tissue maintains the integrity of blood flow in the tiniest places in the body. Your liver, eye retinas, kidneys, long nerves, bones, and joints all depend on healthy circulation.
Gotu kola by Standard Process also contains ginkgo and grape seed extract. We need a healthy amount of connective tissue but not so much that it builds up – Gotu kola keeps this hardening of tissues at bay and helps maintain function of the tissues by regulating both fibroblasts, which produce connective tissue, and fibroclasts, which break down connective tissue.
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is a nutrition chiropractor in Los Angeles. You can call his office at
310-444-9393 and have Standard Process products shipped directly to you.


Nutrition Chiropractor

Envision yourself walking on a tightrope. On one side of the balancing pole you have exercise-related inflammation and on the other side herbs with anti-inflammatory activity. The body will always tend to lean towards an exercise related inflammatory response unless there are plenty of anti-inflammatories in the diet. Then you can successfully balance on the tightrope.

Boswellia Complex from Standard Process is a perfect example of four herbs that can help modulate the inflammatory response brought on by exercise. Boswellia also contains Celery seed, Ginger, and Turmeric. This supports the function of the kidneys; joints; immune system; circulation; stress response; and cellular protective mechanism.

Consuming healthy fats with Boswellia increases its absorption. Foods would include avocados, unrefined coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, animal fats and butter or ghee from pastured cows.

You can call the office at 310-444-9393 and have Standard Process products shipped directly to you. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is a nutrition chiropractor.


Chiropractic & Inflammation

Dr. Tucker uses natural ways to fight back against inflammation without resorting to risky meds.
For example:

  • Research continues to support a Mediterranean-style diet that can help improve the “quality of life” for arthritis patients. That includes cutting down on red meat, eating more servings of fish and veggies, adding a variety of nuts to your diet and using olive oil almost exclusively in your cooking and meals. Dr. Tucker can also recommend specific vitamins for you to take to help decrease inflammation.
  • Laser therapy — Dr. Tucker has two types of laser treatments to offer for pain relief! This method of treatment is safe and especially useful for inflammation in the neck, shoulders, hips and spine.
  • While exercise may be the last thing you probably feel like doing with an ‘inflammation’ condition, being more active, even small increases in movement have been found to help. One study that looked at over 1,600 adults with arthritis found that just 45 minutes of moderate activity a week was enough to significantly improve their ability to function. Swimming is said to be one of the best exercises you can do, even when you’re having an arthritic flare. Call 310-444-9393 to schedule an appointment.

Massage – What’s Better?

Laser & DMS Relief from Chronic Pain

When it comes to treating chronic low back pain the traditional treatments have been manipulation, physical therapy, narcotics and surgery. Today the opioid epidemic has many doctors nervous about prescribing drugs like hydrocodone or oxycodone. Surgery hasn’t always worked and has its own risks. Are there other strategies for dealing with chronic pain? An emerging approach is the Theralase laser and deep muscle stimulator (DMS) system along with a comprehensive, ‘get healthy to improve your overall wellness’ program.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, a west Los Angeles Chiropractor aims to change the narrative about chronic pain. Chronic pain alienates people socially. It’s difficult for others to be around people in pain. They don’t want to see you suffering and feel irritable, and get strained by little things in life.

While many Chiropractic and Physical Therapy clinics emphasize manipulation, Tucker incorporates diet and lifestyle modification along with appropriate laser therapy to improve overall health. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker in Los Angeles “We aim to help patients take steps that will keep them active and help prevent future episodes. We help motivate patients to do everything they can do to maintain or improve their health.” Tucker helps identify potential risks such as ergonomics, posture, proper weight, eating, and other risky personal behaviors. When it comes to difficult low back pain patients they shouldn’t give up if the pills don’t work. They need to know that there are effective options offered by TheraLase laser and a deep muscle therapist. These treatments can have a major impact on their quality of life. Tucker will discuss what each individual can do to improve his or her life over the next 10 years to make sure he or she doesn’t develop weak muscles, manage weight properly, and other complications that occur as we age. Chronic pain doesn’t mean having surgery until you have tried TheraLase laser and or DMS.

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Chiropractor Sports Medicine

Chronic Pain Patients Offered Help

If you have neck or low back pain for more than 3 months that is considered chronic pain. It will be important for you to find a doctor that combines the most recent and relevant treatments to help you. The assumption is that “Doctors want to help patients” but Doctors and patients alike often prefer subtle changes in practice and patient care. In simple terms, Doctors can be slow to adopt new technology that helps improve outcomes and patient care!

TheraLase laser therapy is a relatively new yet effective treatment that can help reduce chronic pain, however, laser devices have been considered expensive to most doctors. For doctors, purchasing a laser has become as simple as buying an old fashioned ultrasound device. For patients, there’s really only one thing you can do. And that’s to go to your doctor, and ask him or her about laser therapy.

Laser is a solution to help chronic back and neck pain sufferers – it may make the lives of many pain sufferers a lot more enjoyable and a lot less debilitating for a fraction of the cost of surgery and spinal injections.

TheraLase – a Canadian based company introduced a laser that may help prevent nerve (radicular) pain through the interruption of the lack of oxygen and blood flow (the ischemic metabolic pathway) to painful tissues; Theralase may interrupt the generation of inflammation and help decrease inflammatory chemicals that have already occurred and be causing chronic pain; TheraLaser may improve reinnervation in chronic nerve pain (radiculopathy).

What Theralase would do is essentially give doctors and chronic pain patients with mild-to-moderate musculoskeletal pain an option for treatment that is relatively inexpensive compared to drugs and surgery.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, a Chiropractor in Los Angeles, California combines TheraLase, hands-on massage therapy, diet and exercise as a perfect fit to help chronic pain patients. Tucker says “Laser therapy combines well with physical therapy, for increasing range of motion to stiff and painful joints and muscles, and increasing muscle strength. Doctors often move too slowly to adopt new technology that can help patient outcomes, then patient’s end up on the wrong side of recovery and health”.

Whether you are an athlete or chronic pain patient, you can never give up finding ways to improve performance and progressive thinking is crucial. The most basic drive for doctors to change is when patients go to their doctor’s office and ask about all of the new possible ways for help. Unfortunately if your doctor doesn’t work that way, you as the patient may have to take a detour from that doctor and find a practitioner using new technology like the TheraLase laser. Call 310-444-9393 if you would like a laser session,



Massage vs Laser Relief for Low Back Pain

Chronic low back pain is the most common musculoskeletal condition. The traditional treatments for acute or chronic low back pain have been surgery or narcotics, but the opioids epidemic has many doctors nervous about prescribing drugs like hydrocodone or oxycodone. Surgery hasn’t always worked and has its own risks. Are there other strategies for dealing with chronic low back pain? TheraLase laser is an effective non-invasive approach to helping you become pain free.

Have you ever suffered from back pain? It is estimated that 80% of Americans experience low back pain sometime during their life time. It can be triggered by poor posture or lifting something heavy. It can occur when a bulging disc presses on a nerve in the spine. Hopefully the back pain will go away. It’s one thing to have temporary back pain but another to suffer from a back injury that leaves you in chronic pain. Millions of Americans go through unrelenting and debilitating back pain after an accident or injury.

Chronic pain makes people irritable, touchy, tired, and it even alienates people socially. It can make it difficult to be around other people. They don’t want to see you suffering, anxious, and become depressed or feeling hopeless.

I use Theralase laser as a treatment approach offered to chronic low back sufferers who once felt desperate and helpless. Theralase laser helps to achieve beneficial therapeutic outcomes including the alleviation of pain, inflammation, and promotion of tissue regeneration. Chronic back pain doesn’t mean having surgery until you have tried TheraLase.

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Tailbone Pain

The Zimmer EnPuls and the PiezoWave system is intended to relieve pain, improve circulation and reduce inflammation of myofascial pain. It is especially helpful for coccyx pain, tailbone pain, knee pain, low back pain, hip pain, plantar fasciitis and tendon injuries.

Other indications for the Zimmer EnPuls and PiezoWave include chronic painful muscular hardening, myofascial trigger points in the areas of the: Upper extremities; Cervical spine; Shoulder girdle; Thoracic spine and lumbar spine; Hip area; Lower extremities.
If you have tried other therapies and been disappointed or did not get the results you expected, please call the office at 310-444-9393 to experience the pain relief effects of the Zimmer EnPuls and the PiezoWave technology.

Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) massage is better than a deep tissue massage

Both massage and DMS release muscle tension, body aches, and helps you to relax.

Deep Muscle Stimulator massage is a technique that focuses primarily on the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. The DMS method uses a hand-held vibration percussion device that oscillates to provide soothing pressure that gets difficult muscle ‘knots’ to release. DMS massage is for people who like massage and want a slightly more intense focused approach. DMS therapist are trained to target the taut, tender, and sore spots and hold the device to target the sore muscle and myofascial layer. The DMS massage is not painful yet it reveals the tender and sore spots.

Deep Muscle Stimulator massage eases pain

Deep Muscle Stimulator massage releases pain and increases blood flow. Deep Muscle Stimulator massage has been shown to decrease pain in chronic low back patients, shoulder pain, calf muscle tightness, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, tailbone pain, hip pain, and sports injuries.

Deep Muscle Stimulator massage increases range of motion

Most people don’t like stretching but if you have scar tissue from old injuries or prolonged and poor posture (sitting slumped over) you need to make the scar tissue softer and more pliable. And that’s what DMS helps to do. Muscle tissue should resemble raw meat, and not be dried out like beef jerky! The surfaces underneath the skin should slide and glide. If everything is stuck together, and it doesn’t slide and glide, it needs to be changed.

DMS helps to remix the water (circulation) with the taut and tight muscles so they can slide and glide again, releasing tension in the stuck muscles. DMS helps regain softness in the muscles, so they contract and release better to increase your range of motion.