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Chiropractor Los Angeles

I use hands-on therapy combined with the latest technology such as shockwave, laser, and magnet therapy. This method stimulates the body to break up old adhesions and scar tissue. This helps acute and chronic pain related to soft tissue and joint abnormalities that are both on the deep inner and outer surfaces of the body.

I also use ELDOA exercises to release tight tissue and create space at specified vertebral joints throughout the spine.

My treatments can be used with acupuncture or other physical therapy treatments. My methods complement acupuncture, physical therapy, and stem cell injection treatments. Using all of the available treatment modalities can be an effective approach to working with difficult and chronic pain cases and help restore lost motion.

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Neck Pain Treatments – Brentwood

Patients who come to see me with chronic neck pain receive a comprehensive therapeutic approach that involves hands-on therapy of the soft tissue and spinal segments.

The techniques I use are aimed to decrease neck pain intensity, improve function and physical quality of life. My treatments are safe and cost-effective.

Treatments I use are becoming more and more popular for neck pain. These include laser massage, shockwave massage and magnet therapy.

If you need an MRI or x-ray we can order that for you

This is a comprehensive system of physical therapy, chiropractic, and the principles of ELDOA, PILATES and FELDENKRAIS.


When manipulation doesn’t work anymore for your low back pain…

When manipulation doesn’t work anymore for your low back pain many Chiropractors don’t know what else to do. I make sure patients learn how to “stabilize the spine” and strengthen the spine using personalized and customized exercises. I am also teaching patients ELDOA methods that will create more space for the nerves close to the spine. ELDOA poses also help stretch the fascia and muscles close to the spinal vertebrae. This is why I see many patients who have already had physical therapy or chiropractic care from other doctors.

I’m happy to work together to address the cause of your pain – muscle tightness, ligament weakness or laxity, disc injury or you just want healthy aging.


ELDOA – Spinal Health – Los Angeles

From simple sprain/strains to disc bulges to degenerative disc disease – ELDOA is a stretching approach that every person can use. I am studying with the ELDOA experts to learn the latest in these treatments so I can teach my patients the personalized ELDOA exercise poses.

I’ve always encouraged patients to have good posture. I know there are so many other top-of-mind things that usually come before posture, like strength training, osteoporosis prevention, and cardio. All of these things are important, but they tend to overshadow the fact that most people get musculoskeletal pain that is non-traumatic and usually caused by poor posture.

Poor posture is, in fact, the number one killer of a healthy spine. Poor posture is a ‘stress’ to the body and just like ‘stress’ it causes varied symptoms and complications to the whole body. But thanks to the latest in non-surgical techniques like ELDOA, shockwave, magnet therapy and laser, this very common problem also happens to be treatable. I look forward to sharing these methods with you.

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