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Sports Medicine

DMS can be a stand-alone treatment for sports injuries. Dr. Tucker literally wrote the manual with Dr. Jake (the inventor of the DMS).  DMS Method can be combined with numerous other modalities/therapies as a sports medicine approach to improve circulation of lymph, blood capillaries, veins, interstitial liquids, fascia and muscle. The DMS action helps to reroute stagnant fluid in the skin (i.e., edema, primary and secondary lymphedema), mucosa, muscles, viscera, joints, and periosteum.

Clinically we have observed:

Scars and healed surgical-incision sites become more supple.

Trigger points are eliminated.

Toxins are removed, making lymphatic drainage especially effective in tissue repair and regeneration.

Aids the reabsorption of swelling/edema.

The functioning of the immune system is stimulated through increased lymph flow.

Helps with chronic or subacute inflammatory processes.

Releases muscle spasms.



DMS can be applied to all soft tissues in the body resulting in a focused, precise, deep tissue massage. During the initial contact on the body, the device is used to scan for areas within the soft tissues that feel dense, taut, ropey, tender, and overactive. You might feel areas that present a lack of motion and contain trigger points. These areas may be sensitive or painful but the DMS itself is not causing the pain, rather it is revealing tender or painful structures. DMS therapy is highly amenable to myofascial trigger point pain. The vibration and percussion will promote relaxation within the muscle system and lymphatic drainage that helps move trapped fluid that has a tendency to accumulate in some individuals. Breaking up trigger points and providing relief from fluid stagnation are two important benefits of DMS.


Fascial Pain & Treatment

There are ways to improve the quality and elasticity of the fascia directly through bodywork, stretches and targeted exercises. Among these methods one stands out, called Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) developed by a retired Chiropractor known as ‘Dr. Jake’ and popularized by Dr. Jeffrey Tucker in his West Los Angeles practice. DMS fascial therapy can provide relief from chronic back and joint pain where many other conventional methods of treatment have failed.

The fascia links the entire muscular system, not just muscle to bone, but muscle to muscle, along with the organs, tendons and ligaments. Fascia gives your muscles shape and form, and anchors them to your bones. Because fascia connects through muscles and across the whole skeleton, a pain in the shoulder could be caused by dysfunction in the opposite ankle. We often treat chronic hamstring tightness by releasing the fascial tension in the soles of the feet.

There are many more nerve endings in your fascia than there are in your muscles making fascia more sensitive to pain than your muscles.   Dr. Tucker describes feeling dysfunctional or painful fascia as “leathery, tight, ropey, taut fibers, tender, short, or thick.” These dysfunctional areas cause restricted movement causing compensations while walking, running or other activities.

The best therapy for fascial dysfunction might be a combination of laser, shockwave, lymphatic decompression, DMS, stretching and other movement patterns, but the one our patients ask for the most is the Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS).


Corporate Programs – DMS at Work

Located in West Los Angeles is one of the most modern Chiropractic offices for pain relief and physical therapy.

The office of Dr. Jeffrey Tucker sees one patient at a time for personal and individual treatments related to musculoskeletal disorders (cumulative trauma disorders, repetitive stress injury and motion injury), sports injuries, exercise evaluations, and chronic pain conditions.

For 2017 we are implementing our in-office treatments to the worksite to help combat the very high costs associated with worksite injuries. We understand the need to add preventative programs and help reduce occupational injury rates. To keep workers healthy and at work, we use our unique Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) and laser techniques on-site to reduce musculoskeletal injuries by addressing incidents in their earliest stages.

This physical therapy program has been an important part of preventing injuries and helping injured workers recover faster.

Who can benefit:

In the industrial setting or desk job setting, we treat men and women from the ages of 21 to 70 years old. Typically, younger patients present for movement dysfunctions related to being unfamiliar with their jobs, while older patients have more degenerative tissue conditions. We see both acute and chronic cases related to the work performed by over lifting or improper lifting, prolonged sitting (desks and drivers) and other ergonomic related issues.

Our patients can be considered industrial athletes in that they’re required to perform physical activities that include awkward postures and moderate loads on a daily basis, and their livelihood is dependent on performing these tasks throughout the day.

Our office specializes in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries, sprains, strains, degenerative arthritis-related pain and dysfunction, post-operative rehabilitation, muscle imbalances, overuse syndromes, tendinopathies, neuropathies and bursitis.

The Deep Muscle Stimulation & Laser Program

The main focus of our on-site program is injury prevention. There is a strong emphasis on employee education like good posture and ergonomics. Deep Muscle Stimulation (DMS) is our preventative tool – it can be a 15 minute or 30 minute time slot where the employee gets a one-on-one session with our skilled therapist for releasing muscle tension and spasm before it builds up and becomes a problem. Other benefits of DMS include increased blood flow, pain reduction, breaks up scar tissue, decreases lactic acid, increase lymphatic flow, and restore normal function.

If a soft-tissue injury does occur, our intent becomes one of pain and symptom resolution, keeping individuals at work and shortening treatment times. If an injury occurs we use laser therapy as a potential solution.

Compliance and Investing in Results

Like all businesses, we understand that you must comply with numerous and complex industrial safety requirements. To invest in an on-site new treatment modalities it must demonstrate cost-effectiveness. Based on our experience employers can save up to 50% on work related injuries and treatment. The prevention costs will be substantial as well.

Preventing Lost Time

In providing an extra-added-value employment benefit such as free access to the Deep Muscle Stimulator massage you are investing in employees; the benefits go far beyond the simple treatment. DMS and Laser therapy, as reported by employees, delivers near-immediate pain relief. Employees feel supported and valued, which in turn leads to better morale, job satisfaction and work performance. Please contact our office for a demonstration and cost of services.

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker