Dear Valued Patients,

I am currently going into the office to see patients. The office has reduced hours so please call 310-444-9393 for an appointment. Even though some of you are working from home and practicing social distancing, you can call me anytime if you need to stay connected and informed for diet and suggestions. I am here for you with alternative therapy resources.

Specific therapies I can do in the office that will help the immune system:

Laser therapy, Shockwave therapy, PEMF, LymphaTouch cupping, and the Vibragenix vibration plate all increase lymphatic drainage, the activity of neutrophils, macrophages, fibroblasts, and the metabolism of damaged or defective cells.

We are maintaining business (reduced) hours to provide these therapies.


Dr. Jeffrey Tucker – Chiropractor, Los Angeles

I am a specialist in biohacking, Sports Medicine, Exercise therapy, wellness concepts, diet and nutrition.  I have enhanced training as a hands on (high touch) practitioner and I continue to be an early adopter of advanced technology. I teach other practicing doctors around the world.

Your first office visit with me is about one hour of time together. My follow up visits are at least 30 minutes (with me). You might need 2-6 hours with me but we spread it apart because some people need the time to heal between sessions. I don’t have the time crunch other doctors have.

I embrace the team approach working with your other health care practitioners (trainer, doctors, Pilates, nutritionist, etc.)

I have a full time health coach in the office helping patients with diet if you need that help. We use the ketogenic diet if you need help to lose weight.

I have in the office a certified instructor in the ELDOA method to share with you what postures, poses, and exercises will help you be in better shape as you age.

I am well trained to treat chronic pain. I have laser therapy, pulse wave therapy, lymphatic therapy and PEMF.

I am helpful at decreasing pain, decreasing muscle stiffness, improving your disc hydration, losing weight, helping you get active and stay active,  and improving overall performance.

I want to help people reach their greatest (fullest) potential.


Frequency Specific Microcurrent

There is a biological circuitry in our brain, nervous system, and in every cell in our body. Frequency Specific Microcurrent are electrical frequencies that you can’t even feel or hear. There are frequencies to decrease inflammation, scar tissue, nerve irritation, improve cartilage, spinal discs, fascia and muscle.

Treatment through frequencies is well recognized in Europe, Russia, and Australia and I’m happy to include it in my natural health tool box along with the laser light therapy, shockwave therapy, PEMF, and vibration therapy. With my background in chiropractic, soft tissue injuries, exercise therapy, and nutritional therapy, I decided to add frequency specific microcurrent therapy using Dr. Carolyn McMackin practical applications. My purpose and commitment to helping people stay healthy, optimize performance, discover their self healing abilities along with my light and sound therapy tools is stronger than ever with the coronavirus still so active.


Watch Dr. Tucker teach about Laser & Biohacking

Click on these links – sign up and get access to hearing and watching Dr. Tucker teach about several health topics including laser therapy, biohacking, and health:

Part 1:

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Nitric Oxide (NO)

Los Angeles

NO promotes dilation of the arteries so blood can move throughout the body, and it helps prevent red blood cells from sticking together, which can create blockages. NO can increase oxygen in the tissues that need healing.

What are the “locker room” treatments for the pro’s?

I organized my office so the average person can get what the pro’s get.

1. SHOCKWAVE: I use 3 different types of shockwave (pulse therapy)

2. LASER: I have 2 types of laser that create effective treatments for disc injuries, muscle pain, and spinal ligament instability

3. PEMF MagnaWaving (increases microcirculation).

4. VibraGenix WHOLE BODY VIBRATION plate.

5. Deep Muscle Massage (My hands-on treatments and Dr. Fuji’s DMM device is the best on the market).


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Xie Y, Zhang C, Liang B, Wang J, Wang L, Wan T, Xu F, Lei L. Effects of shock wave therapy in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Disability and Rehabilitation. 2020 May 14:1-2.

Purpose: To determine whether shock wave therapy could improve symptoms and hand function in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Results: Ten trials involving 433 patients (501 wrists) were included in this systematic review. The shock wave therapy was observed to have a significant effect on pain relief (MD: ?0.60, 95% CI: ?1.16 to ?0.05, p?=?0.03), syndrome alleviation (MD: ?2.26, 95% CI: ?3.24 to ?1.27, p?<?0.00001) and functional recovery (MD: ?1.25 95% CI: ?2.08 to ?0.43, p?=?0.003) among the carpal tunnel syndrome patients. As revealed by the subgroup analysis, radial shock wave therapy made a significant difference in pain relief, syndrome alleviation, and functional recovery (p?<?0.05). Focused shock wave had no significant effect on pain relief, syndrome alleviation, and functional recovery (p?>?0.05).

Conclusion: Shock wave therapy could be conductive to improve syndrome and hand function for carpal tunnel syndrome patients.

  • Implications for rehabilitation
  • Shock wave therapy is beneficial for alleviating syndrome and improving hand function of carpal tunnel syndrome patients.
  • Radial shock wave therapy seems superior to focused shock wave therapy on syndrome alleviation and functional recovery of hand in carpal tunnel syndrome patients.

Additional information

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is the only Los Angeles practitioner with 3 different shockwave (radial & focused) devices. This allows for the most customized and personalized treatment therapy that is non-invasive for CTS.



Laser therapy, West Los Angeles, Brentwood.

Photobiomodulation (Low Level Laser therapy, light therapy) is a regenerative cell therapy in our body. Laser light therapy, when in contact with the skin, increases oxygen to the tissues. Laser light therapy reacts with white blood cells, proteins, cytokines, and red blood cells which increases mitochondria function and the tissue oxygen supply. Laser is used to treat many of my patient cases regarding the blood vessels, muscles, tendons, nerves, and joints. Laser therapy decreases pain and works on stimulating anti-pain mechanism mediated by serotonin and our endogenous opioid systems.

Lack of oxygen to the tissues is a very painful condition known as ischemia. Photobiomodulation also known as Low Level Light Therapy stimulates oxygenation which will allow neo-angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth), and improves vascularization to soft tissues. Inflammation is inhibited by light therapy and inflammatory metabolites from injuries are removed so the local tissue is able to heal. In my office I use lasers to decrease local pain which favors patient’s ability to regain lost ranges of motion and improve recovery of joint function. Laser therapy is painless and safe. Patients find it a very useful treatment with a low risk of complications and high success rate.


Scoliosis: Cured vs Controlled

When we look at the spine from the front, it should be straight. Scoliosis patients have a substantial amount of ligament laxity, especially in the neck. Therefore, manual manipulation or adjustments of the neck may not be as useful as adjustments in the pelvis, low back or middle back. Scoliosis patients are not cured but are controlled with soft tissue therapy and exercises. If you have a scoliosis, doing some type of exercise therapy is better than doing nothing.

When the spine loses the good curves, it compensates by putting in bad sideways curves (scoliosis). In order to correct the bad curves, the good curves must be reintroduced and in my office I teach patients how to use ELDOA exercises to do this.

You can come into the office and work with our ELDOA specialist. Learn a home exercise program to help control scoliosis.



Vibration Plate Therapy

Vibration is proven to help your body in over 180 studies. Vibration plate therapy strengthens your muscles and helps you increase mobility and balance too. It also helps lower blood pressure and strengthens your heart.

Vibration therapy is used by pro football teams, the NBA, MLB and NHL as part of their strength and conditioning programs to build speed and power on the field.

I recently added to my therapy tool box the VibraGenix Vibration & Sound Plate which produces waves of energy that stimulate your body’s natural response to vibration and sound. These waves of energy cause your postural muscles to contract anywhere from 25 to 50 times a second.

VibraGenix Vibration and Sound Plate

  • Increases muscle strength and balance (makes you less likely to fall)
  • Increases flexibility and your range of motion
  • Increases bone density
  • Boosts circulation
  • Promotes faster recovery
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Reduces pain and soreness
  • Stimulates testosterone production and is used in some ED protocols
  • Decreases the stress hormone Cortisol

Dr. Tucker’s recommendation is 15 minutes a day, three times a week or a total of 45 minutes a week. Call Dr. Tucker for a special package to use the VibraGenix Vibration and Sound Plate.


Nitric Oxide: Hypertension. Erectile Dysfunction

Safe, effective and natural approaches for reducing blood pressure and men’s health.

Nitric oxide or NO, is an important signaling molecule in the human body.

One of the best ways to increase NO is by using Shock Wave Therapy and eating sources of nitrates such as beetroot, arugula and spinach.1 After eating these foods, the dietary nitrate molecules are metabolized by oral bacteria into nitrites which are then endogenously transformed into the cardioprotective NO molecule.2-3

NO plays a critical role in cardiovascular health and men’s health. For example, low levels of NO in the body can lead to various pathologies, most notably endothelial dysfunction which contributes to hypertension and atherosclerosis; low NO has also been found to play a role in diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and Erectile Dysfunction.1

Healthy levels of NO in the body support vascular tone, healthy blood flow, leukocyte adhesion, and platelet aggregation.Consuming food-based nitrates on a routine basis, and getting treatment with Shock Wave is a logical next step for those desiring to prevent or treat NO deficiency-related disease processes. The science backs it up.

A study published in Nutrition Reviews looked at 23 studies that measured blood pressure, endothelial function, arterial stiffness, platelet aggregation, and/or blood lipid outcomes in response to oral inorganic nitrate/nitrite intake.4 The analyses demonstrated that inorganic nitrate intake significantly reduced resting blood pressure, improved endothelial function (measured as flow-mediated dilatation), arterial stiffness, and platelet aggregation.4

Put it all together – Shock Wave therapy, beets, beetroot juice, quinoa, spinach, and lamb’s quarters (AKA wild spinach) to increase NO.

One of the beetroot studies found that daily supplementation with dietary nitrate from beetroot juice was associated with a reduction in blood pressure: systolic 7.7-8.1mmHg; diastolic .4-5.2mmHg.6 Additionally, endothelial function improved by approximately 20% and there was a reduction in arterial stiffness by 0.59m/s.6

Overall reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure of 3.55 mmHg and 1.32 mmHg, respectively, and these reductions were significantly greater in the beetroot juice supplemented groups vs. control groups.7 This same publication also noted greater improvements in blood pressure with higher (500 mL/day) vs. lower (70-140 mL/day) beetroot juice doses or with longer periods of consumption (2 weeks vs. <2 weeks).7

I suggest coming in to the office and test your Nitric Oxide levels (simple saliva test) today. If you are look or want to stay pro-active I recommend RESYNC Collagen Peptides with red spinach, beet root and berries.

So, eat your vegetables and do Shock Wave for ED and/or hypertension.


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Watch or listen to Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, a Los Angeles, Brentwood area Doctor discuss Biohacking.

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Low Back Pain

In the April 2020 edition of Lasers Surg. Med Journal, Sheiane et al report that using Laser (I use the same device called MultiRadiance on my patients) decreased prostaglandin E2 levels (PGE2) which are associated with inflammation. These PGE2 are strong inflammatory chemicals that cause pain in the body. The laser light therapy has an analgesic effect in patients with Low Back Pain.

Low Back Pain is an awful experience and I’ve been using different types of laser light therapy in my practice for more than 9 years. Laser light or photo-biomodulation therapy (PBMT) continues to be a non-painful, safe and effective alternative to costly invasive and drug treatments. Low Back Pain patients deserve to try laser.

Decreasing pain intensity in patients with musculoskeletal disorders often starts with reducing inflammation levels. Call me at 310-444-9393 and I tell you about the therapies I have available to help you with Low Back Pain.