BPC 157 Peptides are here

I have established my practice as one of the top chiropractic practices in the nation through my expertise, knowledge, experience and willingness to use new technology in physical therapy and nutrition. As someone who enjoys staying current with healthy aging lifestyle I am now offering BPC 157 oral peptides.

Peptides are a compound consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain, created by RNA and DNA. They are signaling molecules, with a high specificity, low side-effect profile. All of our cells are signaled by other cells with peptides, example: insulin.

BPC 157 is a body protection compound. It’s known to help surgical recovery, gut issues, tendon and ligament damage and inflammation. It encourages nerve regeneration, reduces neuro-inflammation and increases bone density.

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Hallux valgus – Bunions

Bunion’s consist of a thickened callus, an inflamed bursa and excess bone forming at the side of the first metatarsal head (big toe).

Bunions are diagnosed by the following symptoms:
A bulging bump on the outside of the base of the big toe
Swelling, redness or soreness around the big toe joint
Corns or calluses — often where the first and second toes overlap
Persistent or intermittent pain in the area of the big toe
Restricted movement of the big toe if arthritis affects the toe

My treatments and recommendations
Avoid wearing tight shoes especially high heels with pointy toes. Buy footwear that is wide in the toe box area.
Shoe pads are an option especially if they offer relief.
I teach all of my hallux valgus patients awareness exercises: “Always try to straighten the big toe.” I have them press the big toe into the floor and slide the other four toes and foot laterally until the big toe is as straight as possible. This is how I want the patient to stand all the time.
Stretch the feet and calfs. I am yet to meet a patient with bunions that does not have tight calfs. I have my patients stand with the forefoot on a ½ foam roll (3” high) with the heels on the ground for 2 minutes at a time twice a day. After about two weeks they are able to stand up straighter while doing this stretch. Calf tightness can be a cause of low back pain in and of itself so it is important to take this tightness out of the patient’s body.
Strengthening the involved side glutes, getting the hamstrings length and strength proper, and the peroneus longus strength up to normal is important because it allows the first metatarsal to resist the medially directed component of forces associated with hallux plantarflexion.
Use toe spreaders or a bunion splint especially while sleeping.
Massage CBD (Phyto-Zol) serum into the bunion area two to three times a day.
Shock wave therapy aka pulse wave therapy. I do this directly over the bunion area. This is an effective way to reduce bunion discomfort and even reduce the deformity itself.

Other ways to prevent and ease the pressure and pain caused by bunions include:
Watch your weight – remember, the rest of you is pressing down on your feet when you stand, walk or run.
Taping with Kinesio-tape is very helpful. I bring the big toe into a straight position and tape the toe. I teach the patient how to do this at home on their own.
Cover the bunion with a soft, cushioning, protective moleskin or gel-filled pad.
I check for their footwear and offer off-the-shelf shoe inserts or recommend custom made orthotics.
For the acute flare up I try warm foot soaks, ice packs, whirlpool, more CBD serum, etc.

This protocol has helped many patients avoid surgery.



Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis

The goal for patients is to increase movement and pain reduction.
Since ‘no one size fits all’ I offer several forms of treatment that may be helpful. Having the ability to use and combine multiple modalities is providing very positive results in terms of increased movement and pain reduction versus single modalities alone.

An advanced modality that is getting a lot of attention is shockwave. This provides peak pressures that are 1000 times greater than a biphasic ultrasound wave. Shockwave increases local blood flow, increases cellular activity, has an analgesic effect on nerves, and can breakdown calcific deposits (primarily, but not exclusively in tendons).
Laser is another treatment device that can target tissues to impact mitochondrial activity. Laser can be used on nerves, tendons, muscles, ligaments, joint capsules, bone, and wounds.
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) (MagnaWave) has had FDA approval for muscle stimulation since 1998. PEMF is just gaining popularity as ‘nutritional therapy’ to the cells. It increases nitric oxide levels (same thing Viagra does) and has microcirculation enhancement.

Summary: Combining these 3 modalities along with my hands-on therapy is allowing my patients to feel more supple and experience less pain.


Migraines & Tension Headaches

Techniques to relax the suboccipital muscles can be beneficial in treating headaches and tension headaches and in improving mobility of the cervical vertebrae. The benefit can be increased by using the following treatments and modalities that I offer:
Hands on therapy to stretch and deeply massage the muscles
Laser therapy to increase blood flow to the base of the skull
Pulse wave therapy to promote blood flow and break up scar tissue in the lower neck and upper back that can contribute to headaches
Deep Muscle Stimulation to increase blood flow and oxygen along the muscles of the spine

These methods are safe and easy to apply in the office. It’s also important to discuss proper nutrition and help patients figure some gentle exercise routines to perform to release tension in the body.
Feel free to call me at 310-444-9393 if you have questions or would like an appointment.



Pulse wave therapy (Storz, MiracleWave, Zimmer, Piezowave) delivered around painful joints like the hips can start the healing process and create an environment in the cells to decrease pain in degenerated hips.

Pulse wave therapy stimulates stem cells to promote osteogenesis (bone growth) and angiogenesis (blood vessel formation). In clinical studies, groups treated with stem cells show significant improvements in patient reported outcomes (1,2)

My purpose in using non-invasive therapies such as shockwave (pulse wave therapy) for hip disease, is to stimulate stem cells that can repair bone damage in the surrounding hip tissue. We are seeing satisfactory results (decreased pain, increased walking distance) in the majority of our patients using shockwave, laser and PEMF therapy.

This treatment of hip pain related to osteoarthritis is safe and cost-effective.


  1. Houdek MT, Wyles CC, Martin JR, Sierra RJ. Stem cell treatment for avascular necrosis of the femoral head: current perspectives. Stem Cells Cloning. 2014 Apr 9;7:65-70. eCollection 2014.
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Hip pain treatment options

Patients often come see me to get second or third opinions about hip pain. They may have been told by another doctor that they need injections or hip replacement surgery. They tell me that there orthopedic surgeon said “it’s the only way” or “I have bone on bone rubbing.” Nobody wants a surgery that they are unsure of having. The risks, the time out of work and play… I get it!

In the Journal of Medical Internet Research they say (1) “Despite the availability of evidence?based guidelines for conservative treatment of osteoarthritis, management of degenerated joints is often confined to the use of painkillers and waiting for eventual total joint replacement.” There are many treatment options available to you before surgery and we should not just wait it out. If injections or surgery is right for you, I am the first person to suggest it. BUT, I still like to offer non-invasive therapies along with education and possible gentle exercise to do (2).

STEM CELL stimulation is OPTION
If you are middle age or older and enjoying good health but diagnosed with osteoarthritis (degenerative hip disease) in your hip(s) using x-rays or MRI and experience pain, discomfort, and/or stiffness, you will want to examine all treatment options.

Pulse Wave Therapy (Storz, MiracleWave, PiezoWave) is effective to stimulate STEM CELLS
Laser Therapy (Class 3B, Class 4)  is effective in treating hip osteoarthritis pain

PEMF (MagnaWave) is also helpful in cell regeneration and decreasing pain

The combination of the above is helping many patients take surgery and injections off the table.

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Dr. Jeffrey Tucker – Chiropractor, Los Angeles

I am a specialist in biohacking, Sports Medicine, Exercise therapy, wellness concepts, diet and nutrition.  I have enhanced training as a hands on (high touch) practitioner and I continue to be an early adopter of advanced technology. I teach other practicing doctors around the world.

Your first office visit with me is about one hour of time together. My follow up visits are at least 30 minutes (with me). You might need 2-6 hours with me but we spread it apart because some people need the time to heal between sessions. I don’t have the time crunch other doctors have.

I embrace the team approach working with your other health care practitioners (trainer, doctors, Pilates, nutritionist, etc.)

I have a full time health coach in the office helping patients with diet if you need that help. We use the ketogenic diet if you need help to lose weight.

I have in the office a certified instructor in the ELDOA method to share with you what postures, poses, and exercises will help you be in better shape as you age.

I am well trained to treat chronic pain. I have laser therapy, pulse wave therapy, lymphatic therapy and PEMF.

I am helpful at decreasing pain, decreasing muscle stiffness, improving your disc hydration, losing weight, helping you get active and stay active,  and improving overall performance.

I want to help people reach their greatest (fullest) potential.


ELDOA Private Trainer

The office of Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is offering ELDOA sessions with Max Karish. Max is a Certified ELDOA Trainer, and California Certified Massage Therapist. Max has tremendous personal experience with ELDOA and is now helping our patient’s feel more mobile!

The ELDOA are postural exercises developed by French osteopath Guy Voyer, designed to increase the space between specific joints. As we increase this space, we increase circulation, relieve pressure, reduce pain, improve joint mechanics, improve posture, and improve muscle tone.

Max offers an easy learning approach, hands-on step-by-step demonstrations and detailed explanation of the ELDOA postures.

We invite you to come and try this helpful technique at the office of Dr. Jeffrey Tucker.

Call (310)-444-9393 to book an appointment!


ELDOA training in Los Angeles

ELDOA is a personalized movement program designed to provide “space” between the vertebrae. ELDOA is very practical and easy to learn.
ELDOA gives you skills for spinal care, pain relief, and posture improvement.
ELDOA distinguishes itself from other exercises like Pilates, Egosque, and yoga.
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is now offering one-on-one private sessions for ELDOA.

For an in-depth ELDOA session provided by Max Karish (certified ELDOA instructor) call the office at 310-444-9393.


Biohacking Los Angeles

1. Biohacking is using science for personal optimization. I help patients focus on body, mind, sleep, diet, stress, environment, longevity. I use technology for better health and performance.

Whatever your condition, pathology or body region, a little improvement in your movement, diet and relaxation helps achieve a variety of outcomes. I specialize in pain management, performance enhancement, healthy aging, and poor posture risk reduction.

2. I welcome a multi-disciplinary approach and sharing of information from all health fields. The ‘move better’ or ‘movement’ message is part of our office philosophy.

3. I use current research, information from lectures I go to, clinicians I meet and talk to, and top coaches. I combine evidence based practices, patient experiences, cutting edge research, and knowledge from other practitioners.

4. My line up of biohacking tools includes –
Laser, shockwave, lymphatic therapy, deep muscle stimulator, fascial tools, SCENAR, Magnet therapy (Magnawave), VR glasses, light therapy.

5. We include ELDOA movement and exercise as our movement biohack. This has had a huge positive impact on osteoarthritis, disc related pain, flexibility, and posture.

6. We offer the ketogenic fat loss program which is a well respected health plan and biohack delivered by your personal health coach.

7. The ability to check your range of motion and regain lost range of motion is healthy aging. I teach movement as a skill-set that all patients can use. I help improve motor learning.

8. Do we believe you can improve your posture? Will better posture improve your performance? Between my hands on therapy, the tools, and ELDOA the answer is yes!

The benefits of this assessment and program has stood the test of time.  Movement, diet, and spirit are at the heart of a healthy aging process and messaging.

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