Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Xie Y, Zhang C, Liang B, Wang J, Wang L, Wan T, Xu F, Lei L. Effects of shock wave therapy in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Disability and Rehabilitation. 2020 May 14:1-2.

Purpose: To determine whether shock wave therapy could improve symptoms and hand function in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Results: Ten trials involving 433 patients (501 wrists) were included in this systematic review. The shock wave therapy was observed to have a significant effect on pain relief (MD: ?0.60, 95% CI: ?1.16 to ?0.05, p?=?0.03), syndrome alleviation (MD: ?2.26, 95% CI: ?3.24 to ?1.27, p?<?0.00001) and functional recovery (MD: ?1.25 95% CI: ?2.08 to ?0.43, p?=?0.003) among the carpal tunnel syndrome patients. As revealed by the subgroup analysis, radial shock wave therapy made a significant difference in pain relief, syndrome alleviation, and functional recovery (p?<?0.05). Focused shock wave had no significant effect on pain relief, syndrome alleviation, and functional recovery (p?>?0.05).

Conclusion: Shock wave therapy could be conductive to improve syndrome and hand function for carpal tunnel syndrome patients.

  • Implications for rehabilitation
  • Shock wave therapy is beneficial for alleviating syndrome and improving hand function of carpal tunnel syndrome patients.
  • Radial shock wave therapy seems superior to focused shock wave therapy on syndrome alleviation and functional recovery of hand in carpal tunnel syndrome patients.

Additional information

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